Presented via Zoom, Capitol Seminars offers invaluable courses taught by 46-year veteran Ray LeBov and distinguished guest presenters, Chris Micheli and Richard Stapler. Drawing on Ray's years of experience, our seminars offer the most concentrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective way to learn the practical, real-world applications of lobbying in California.

We are excited to invite you to our four individual seminars presented via Zoom: Regulatory Agency Advocacy, Media Strategies, Budget Advocacy, & "So You Think You Want To Sponsor A Bill".

Presented on September 23rd & 24th each of the four seminars are unique in content and presented as stand alone sessions. You are welcome to take any or all of the seminars over the 2-days.

Join us for Regulatory Agency Advocacy & Media Strategies on Thursday, September 23rd. Regulatory Agency Advocacy: 9:30am - 11:00am. The fee is $175.00. Media Strategies: 11:30am - 1:15pm. The fee is $175.00.

Friday, September 24th - Budget Advocacy & "So You Think You Want To Sponsor A Bill". Budget Advocacy: 8:30pm - 10:30am. The fee is $175.00. "So You Think You Want To Sponsor A Bill": 11am - 2pm. The fee is $225.00.

*RECEIVE DISCOUNTS WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR MULTIPLE SESSIONS. $50.00 off when you register for (2) sessions, $75.00 off when you register for (3) sessions, and $100.00 off when you register for all (4) sessions.

TO REGISTER: Email: or CALL (916) 837-0208

Presentations via Zoom allow you to take our courses no matter where you are. No need to incur travel and lodging expenses. And, our Zoom sessions are interactive, offering you an opportunity to ask questions in real time.


Regulatory Agency Advocacy: Regulatory Agency Advocacy walks participants through the state rulemaking process and how government relations professionals can influence the regulatory process. The rulemaking process is its own, unique approach to lawmaking that is done by executive branch agencies and departments. Sometimes a regulatory agency provides a new opportunity to continue the battle seemingly lost in the Legislature. And, sometimes it means defending your legislative success, or even getting a better result than you had achieved in the Legislature. You will find Chris Micheli's "Regulatory Advocacy" presentation indispensable for gaining the requisite knowledge to significantly enhance the likelihood of your success in the regulatory arena.

Media Strategies: Media strategies can encompass a wide range of activities. Getting your message out to various audiences can be crucial to your legislative efforts . Even if you are not directly responsible for media relations, you still need to know how to help direct and coordinate those efforts. There are so many different aspects that might have to be included in a successful campaign, for example: interviews, press conferences, media alerts, op eds. And, of course, the appropriate use of social media is more central and important than ever. Our course will familiarize you with the what, when, why, and how of the components of a winning media approach.

"So You Think You Want To Sponsor A Bill": This seminar guides you through getting the answers to the important questions: Is legislation the right approach? If you decide that legislation is the right approach, does your organization have the human and financial resources that the task demands? Are you aware of all that getting your bill passed will require? We will cover every aspect of the process, from that first spark of an idea, through how you handle the ultimate outcome. If you or your organization are considering sponsoring a bill, this seminar is a must! 

Budget Advocacy: This seminar covers the most important fundamentals of budget advocacy and enables you to maximize your chances of success in that seemingly arcane world. The budget process can be overwhelming. By taking Budget Advocacy, you will no longer be fearful to engage in this field of advocacy and you will be prepared to succeed.  


Who Can Benefit From Our Seminars?

  • Novice and veteran lobbyists and their support staff
  • Anyone involved in: governmental advocacy or government relations
  • Anyone involved in: public affairs, public policy, public administration, or public interest law
  • Anyone involved in cause-related nonprofits
  • Anyone simply interested in learning how the Legislative and Executive branches of California state government really work.


In addition to our advances courses, we also offer Custom Training for your organization via Zoom, and individual private training / consulting by the hour tailored to your specific needs. For more information, please call (916) 442-5009.

Thanks as always for your ongoing support of Capitol Seminars. We'll look forward to seeing you "virtually" on September 23rd and 24th!

Shayne Reid
Capitol Seminars
(916) 837-0208
Capitol Seminars: - (916) 837-0208