The Fight for More Affordable Housing Is On The Ballot!

Dear Friends,

All of us have seen the data demonstrating that we are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis - and that data doesn't just take the form of wonky reports and numbers splashed across headlines. Your child's teachers who can't afford to be a part of the community they serve is data. Your close friend who moved away because of housing costs is data. The traffic we all witness daily from thousands of educators, construction workers, EMTs, restaurant workers and others trapped in long car commutes to cling to their jobs - at the expense of family time - is data.

Collecting and analyzing data is good but taking action on it is better - and fortunately leaders in state and local governments are giving us the opportunity for action by placing several measures on the ballot to make a definitive, intentional difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors.

Measure V in San Jose would bring $450 million toward creating new affordable homes in our city. Many families in San Jose are working two jobs or more and still can't afford a decent home to rent or buy and some are being forced out of the city they love outright. Measure V would also give San Jose a local match to help obtain additional federal and state funds which would make that amount go even further.

On the statewide level, we have two measures: Proposition 1 - The Veterans and Affordable Housing Act makes available $4 billion in general obligation bonds dedicated to creating homes for veterans and those experiencing homelessness while building multi-family housing for workers and their families. Proposition 2 - the No Place Like Home Act of 2018 - brings $2 billion to help those in our community experiencing homelessness and mental health issues.

And that's not all: 2018 has a long list of pro-affordable housing initiatives including Measure H in Santa Cruz County , Measures O and P in Berkeley, the Transient Occupancy Tax in Napa County, Measure N in Santa Rosa and Measures W and X in Oakland. I urge you to support these measures - to learn more about them take a look at the   Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California's 2018 campaign guide.

Please cast your vote for Prop 1 and Prop 2. As for Measure V in San Jose it isn't enough to ask you to vote for it - it needs two-thirds voter approval to pass so please get in touch with Yes On V campaign at and find out how you can help. I'm sure that no one reading this letter wants to know more friends affected by the housing crisis - but I'm hopeful everyone wants to be proud of what we can accomplish together in this election.



Kevin Zwick, CEO, Housing Trust Silicon Valley