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As many of you know, the United States has witnessed an explosion in the use of solitary confinement - also known as segregation or isolation - for federal, state, and local prisoners and detainees. The United States now holds far more prisoners in solitary than any other democratic nation. In June 2012, Senator Durbin chaired the first-ever Congressional hearing on solitary confinement. The hearing featured expert testimony on promising reform efforts that have reduced the use of solitary confinement, while also lowering prison violence and recidivism rates, and saving millions of dollars.


Campaign for Youth Justice, along with other allies were present at the packed hearing in 2012 and we want to make sure that youth justice advocates have a strong presence again at the hearing this Tuesday, February 25. The agenda can be found, here. This follow-up hearing will explore developments since the 2012 hearing, and what more should be done to curb the overuse of solitary confinement while controlling costs, protecting human rights, and improving public safety.


Campaign for Youth Justice is working alongside the ACLU, to ensure that advocates are given an opportunity to take action online and in person. If you are in the DC area, we hope you will join us at the hearing on February 25. A large audience filling the hearing room is critical to showing interest in reforming solitary confinement policies and practices. If you are not in the area, we hope you will join us by watching the senate hearing webcast, here.   


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TAKE ACTION to #STOPsolitary:


  • JOIN US ON TWITTER! Campaign for Youth Justice will be LIVE tweeting during the 2/25 hearing starting at 2:30pm(EST). Follow us at: and use the hashtag #STOPsolitary to participate in the conversation.
  • PACK THE ROOM! This hearing is open to the public. Advocates, youth, families, and community members who live in the DC area are encouraged to attend. A large audience filling the hearing room is critical to showing interest in reforming solitary confinement policies and practices. Please RSVP by completing the RSVP form by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 21, 2014. If you miss the RSVP deadline, just contact Angella   
  • SUBMIT TESTIMONY! Chairman Durbin invites advocates and stakeholders to offer their perspectives and experiences on these issues by submitting written testimony to be included in the hearing record. These statements help educate Committee members about the issues surrounding solitary confinement and are important to demonstrating community interest.
    • Statements must be submitted as a PDF or Word Document of 10 pages or less, and should be emailed to Stephanie Trifone at as early as possible, but no later than Monday, February 24, 2014, at 5:00 p.m
    • CFYJ would be happy to assist and review any testimony you plan to share. Please contact Angella Bellota at:  We can also share with you suggested talking points and examples. 


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