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2016 Fall Newsletter


Fall 2016
  Darcy Misiak Bien, Strategic Planner
Darcy Bien

Kathy DeLaura, Strategic Planner

Jay Messner
Join Us for High Performance Road Map Training

Our High Performance Road Map training helps you assess where your company is on the strategy-company culture continuum. With a half day focused on strategy and a half day focused on culture, you'll be able to start sketching your roadmap to success - to help you build a competitive advantage and achieve your sustainability and growth goals.

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You're Invited: High Performance Road Map Training
At Partners in Change, we want to help take your  company to the next level of success.

I've worked for more than a decade with small- to medium-size businesses, and I know that it takes both a strong company culture plus an effective strategy to achieve high performance that's sustainable. 

We are excited to offer a new, one-day High Performance Road Map (HPR) training that's truly one-of-a-kind. Led by Jay Messner and myself, our training merges strategy and culture to form an effective business plan.

Now's the time to put this unique opportunity to work for you. Seats are limited so sign up today. Together we can discover your road map for business growth and sustainability.

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And be sure to use the promo code HPR99
to  save $99.

Your Partner in Change,
Training Agenda
During HPR training, we will create a disciplined road map to guide you on the path to success over five stages: Discovery, Foundation, Strategy, Implementation and Check-in.

Morning Session: Intro & Culture
  • Survey Results
  • High Performance Road Map/Introduction
  • Health Check-up
  • High Performing Teams
  • Lean In/Lean Out
  • Social Covenant Affirmations/Discipline Tool
Afternoon Session: Strategy
  • What Is Strategy?
  • Planning Process
  • Strategic Team Structure
  • Environmental Analysis
  • 1-Page Plan - Desired State
  • Strategy Scorecard
  • Cadence of Meetings
  • Why Plans Fail
Strategic Budgets: Critical for Strategic Planning

A business needs to have both a strategic plan and a strategic budget. The strategic plan lays out the direction and goals of the business and guidelines for actions to achieve those goals, while the budget looks at the money needed to support achieving those goals. Budgeting is a important part of the strategic planning process.
Our Purpose is to Be Your experienced guide helping plan your organization's futures.

Our Core Values are Lifetime Learners, Challenging the Status Quo, Feedback is a Gift, Strategy is Energizing and Fun.

Our Vision is 100% Implementation by Our Clients.