September 2020
National Clean Energy Week Schedule
The Conservative Energy Network is proud to partner with Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions for this year's National Clean Energy Week from September 21-25! CEN and our state teams have been hard at work preparing activities to highlight the benefits of renewable energy across the nation. See the schedule of virtual events below and join us in celebrating National Clean Energy Week 2020!

REMINDER: All local, state, and federal government employees have access to the full NCEW Policy Makers Symposium for FREE - just use code "GOVT" at checkout with a .gov, .mil, or verifiable state or local government email address.
MONDAY, September 21
Webinar: The Fight For States' Rights and Net Metering
Time: 11:15 am -12:15 pm EDT
A broad coalition of advocates, state policymakers, and energy industry leaders successfully defeated a petition over the summer asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to remove control of net metering from state jurisdiction. While the petition failed, the experience serves as a case study to discuss the larger issues of federalism and states’ rights at stake with energy policy. Join industry speakers from Sunrun and SEIA, as well as Arkansas PSC Chairman Ted Thomas for a lively discussion to kick off the week.
Webinar: What do Conservatives Think About Renewable Energy? Wisconsin Focus Group Findings
Time: 1pm EDT
Please join us for a webinar with Rich Thau, co-founder and CEO of Engagious, as he details the results of several focus groups that he conducted with Republican primary voters across the state. In particular, the focus groups explore voters' feelings about renewable energy and electric vehicles.
TUESDAY, September 22
Webinar: Renewable Energy In My Backyard: A Focus On Property Rights
Time: 10:30-11:30 am EDT
Federal and state energy policy can have a profound local impact. In many cases, the support or opposition to a particular project comes down to property rights. The panel will discuss siting challenges and issues, as well as the role of clean energy development in powering communities, featuring the Land & Liberty Coalition, AWEA, Apex Clean Energy, and former Texas policymaker John Davis.
Webinar: Renewable Energy Development In The West: Successes, Hurdles, And The Path For Increased Development
Time: 1:30-2:30 pm EDT

The Western United States is home to an abundance of renewable resources with nearly every type of resource being well suited for deployment across the region. From wind and solar to geothermal and hydroelectric, the West is seeing record levels of investments in utility scale projects. This panel will look at what policies have driven successful projects, where roadblocks exist slowing development, and ideas for increasing development opportunities.
Webinar: Building Bipartisan Support for Clean Energy in North Carolina
Time: 3-4 pm EDT
Year over year, polling across North Carolina points to strong support for clean energy from voters on both sides of the aisle. This same polling indicates that voters are split, and overall less supportive, of fossil fuel development. Tune in on September 22 to take a deep dive into some of the aforementioned insights and the latest results of Conservatives for Clean Energy’s annual energy poll.
Podcast: Indiana Energy Crossroads

Presented by the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy, the Indiana Energy Crossroads Podcast is a weekly conversation with leaders in Indiana's conservative and renewable energy movements.

Special Guest: Former Indianapolis Mayor, Greg Ballard
WEDNESDAY, September 23
Webinar: The New Cash Crop: Rural Renewables
Time: 10:45-11:45 am EDT
Farmers and ranchers are increasingly diversifying their revenue streams by deploying renewable energy. These projects have been beneficial for regional economic development and local governments' tax base. In this panel, leading academic researchers will discuss recent economic impact studies from Texas, Michigan, Colorado, and Indiana. Join us to hear how this clean energy sector has become an economic engine across rural America.
Webinar: New Technology is Growing the Clean Energy Economy
Time: 12-1 pm EDT
Innovation is changing the way we think about how we generate energy. Learn more about some of the future technologies that can make our planet cleaner and secure our energy supply for generations to come.
THURSDAY, September 24
Webinar: Polling Results: Public opinion, regardless of party affiliation, is in support of clean and renewable energy in Pennsylvania and nationally
Time: 3-4pm EDT
Do Pennsylvanians support clean and renewable energy? During this Town Hall, Glen Bolger, national pollster and partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, will answer this question and more. Glen will also share his latest findings on attitudes towards renewable energy nationally.
Webinar: Texas' Path to Net Zero Emissions and CCUS Leadership
Time: 11 am - 12 pm EDT
Texas is poised to become a leader in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), a necessary component of the clean energy future. The panel will explore why Texas is poised to be a leader in CCUS, what policies are needed, and how investments in CCUS can help catalyze Direct Air Capture (DAC).
Webinar: Report From The Front Lines: How Conservatives Can Talk About Clean Energy
Time: 4-5 pm EDT
Clean energy is shaping up to be a decisive issue in the upcoming elections. Learn how top conservative pollsters and state policymakers, including VA Delegate Carrie Coyner and SC Representative Nathan Ballentine, are talking about clean energy in this informative panel discussion.
Podcast: Indiana Energy Crossroads

Presented by the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy, the Indiana Energy Crossroads Podcast is a weekly conversation with leaders in Indiana's conservative and renewable energy movements.

Special Guest: Hunter Armstrong, Next Era
FRIDAY, September 25
Webinar: Markets Over Mandates: The Future Of Electricity Competition
Time: 10-11 am EDT
Energy competition has been shown to be an economic driver in states like Texas, and a spotlight has been put on the issue on the heels of recent utility corruption scandals in Ohio and Illinois. Join us for a conversation to learn more about the importance of energy competition and hear from experts on the front lines fighting to level the playing field and open market access for renewable technologies.
Podcast: Indiana Energy Crossroads

Presented by the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy, the Indiana Energy Crossroads Podcast is a weekly conversation with leaders in Indiana's conservative and renewable energy movements.

Special Guest: EDP Renewables
Additional Programming
September 29
Virtual Town Hall: Clean and Renewable Energy is Essential to National Security
Time: 11am - 12 pm EDT
Speaker: Dr. John Lehman
During this Town Hall, you will hear from the man Ronald Reagan trusted to build the U.S. Navy into a modern force which stood against our enemies during the Cold War. Dr. John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy during the 1980s and a member of the 9/11 Commission, will speak about the role clean and renewable energy plays in national security.
Podcast: Fusion Capitalism

Join Steve Melink, a successful business CEO with a clean energy vision and platform for conservatives, as he interviews other prominent business and government leaders on the greatest opportunity of the 21st Century. If you believe the Clean Energy Revolution will improve our economy, security, health, and environment, this is the podcast for you.

Special Guest: Tyler Duvelius, Ohio Conservative Energy Forum