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March 30, 2017
Keep up to date with the most recent news from Uptown Church!  Uptown is a community of people who want to experience the full life that is found in Jesus Christ and to share this life with people in Charlotte and around the world.

Sermon Series 
Kingdom Focus
Sunday, April 2, 2017:   The King Comes in Authority
Matthew 9

The world knows Jesus primarily as an itinerant teacher who seemed to be poorly received. But the Gospel of Matthew rightly portrays him as a King who brings in his kingdom with a new ethic, values, goals and leadership. As we come to follow Jesus more and more as King, our lives are transformed in their entirety. Why we work, how we relate to others and culture, the way we use money and time, and the very goals of our lives are more and more brought into alignment with our King's Word.

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Good Friday Service and Childcare
April 14
Join us for our Good Friday service at noon on April 14th.  We will also provide limited childcare in the nursery for ages 2 and under.  If you would like to register for childcare please click here. Registration will close April 7th or when the nursery is full. 

Questions? Please contact Lisa or Rebecca 
Registration for Churchwide Retreat is OPEN! 

Picture is clickable link

Deadline to register is April 14!!
Men's Devotional Day - Wednesday, April 5

What does it mean to delight in the Lord? The men's devotional day is a day in the mountains that is designed to help you enjoy the lord in personal devotions, quiet/reflection time and time together. It is our hope that this day will give you a taste of a sustainable way to get away and enjoy God and fellow believers on a regular basis. We will be leaving Charlotte at 6am and will be back by 5:30pm. Space is limited. 

Contact Dave Kulp if you are interested ([email protected]).
Women's Bridge Event

Please join the women of Uptown Church on Thursday, April 13 for our first Women's Ministry "Bridge" event of the year. This is a great chance to meet new women and build relationships with each other over some great food. Come to Whole Foods on Fairview from 7-9 pm for some delicious food, fellowship and a casual get together. We will meet upstairs in the second floor cafe.

Contact Christine McGill if you are interested ( [email protected]).

Uptown Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for Uptown Church's largest outreach event! 

Invite your friends and neighbors to a fun morning with so many fun activities and a fun-interactive gospel presentation!

When: Saturday, April 15
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Independence Park

Egg Hunt, Face Painting, Balloon Man, My-Gym, Free Giveaways and More! 

Also more volunteers needed so email [email protected] to sign up to help.
Maternity Clothing Drive for Lois' Lodge

The Women's Ministry of Uptown Church is holding a gently-used maternity clothing drive to support the women at Lois' Lodge. Lois' Lodge is a Christian maternity home for women in crisis pregnancy in the Charlotte area. If you would like to donate clothing, a box will be located in the Women's Sunday School class each Sunday during March and April. If you do not have maternity clothing to donate, please be praying for these ladies as they face a season of fear and uncertainty with very few people supporting them and their unborn children.

If you have more questions, contact Melissa LaCross at [email protected].
Attention Parents!

The Counseling Department at RTS Charlotte invites you to an Equip Workshop featuring Program Director Dr. James Newheiser, April 17, 6:30-8:30PM in the RTS Chapel.  

Dr. Newheiser will address two important topics related to parenting throughout your child's lifespan: the importance of gospel-driven parenting and what Scripture teaches regarding relationships between parents and their adult children. There will be a short question and answer forum and registrants will receive Dr. Newheiser's book You Never Stop Being a Parent. For more info, email [email protected].
From the Pastors' Bookshelf 

Each quarter, one of the Pastors at Uptown Church will be recommending a book from his library for the congregation to read. These recommended books will be available to purchase or borrow from the church's Resource Center located on the 2nd floor.  

This quarter's recommendation is from the library of  Rev. Dean Faulkner.

Union With Christ: The Way to Know and Enjoy God 
by  Rankin Wilbourne

"Don't let the title fool you. While Rankin Wilbourne's caption looks like dry theology or some obscure idea of biblical scholars, this delightful book talks about the heart and soul of following Jesus on a daily basis. It is not only well written and easy to engage, it talks about what it really means to be in a living relationship with Christ by revisiting the doctrine that ties all key doctrines of salvation together - union with Christ. Perhaps, you are familiar with the doctrine of union with Christ in your readings of Scripture. Paul talks about Christians being "in Christ" throughout his letters - check Ephesians 1 and count the number of times he mentions it. Our Lord Jesus talks about the importance of that union in John 15 with "I am the vine and you are the branches...Without me you can do nothing." This truth was clearly important to our Lord and to the apostles. That's because our union with Christ is life based in the dual truths that "we are in Christ" and "Christ is in us." Wilbourne helps us to understand the importance of this life by explaining what union in Christ is, where it came from in Scripture and tradition and what it has to do with our life now. He even addresses how Union with Christ helps solve some of the recent controversies regarding the "double grace" of justification and sanctification. There are some books that we read - and reread - to stir our souls to new love and pursuit of Christ in living relationship (think Packer's Knowing God or Tozer's The Pursuit of God as other examples). Rankin Wilbourne has written such a book to reconnect us to the core of Christianity - knowing and personally enjoying Jesus in a living way. I heartily recommend it to stir both your reception of God's love and your love for Christ on your own or in your small groups."

Dean Faulkner
Current Adult Ed Classes
March & April

Men's Class: Restoring the Joy of Your Salvation

Teachers:  Bill Macurda & Craig Paddock
Where:  4th Floor
When:   9:15 am 

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions spiritually?  Does growing in your faith get lost somewhere in the long list of excelling at work, leading and serving your family, spending time with friends, dating, exercising more, watching sports, enjoying a few hobbies, saving more money, serving the church, paying the bills, etc.  Is spending more time with Jesus just another task you approach with a project management mindset?  Are you more comfortable with a spreadsheet than God's word?  Do you identify with David when he says "restore to me the joy of my salvation", but you have no idea where to start with that?  Join us in this Men's Sunday School class as we study how to re-kindle the joy of our salvation and delight once again in our Savior Jesus Christ.

Women's Class: None Like Him

Teachers:  Various Teachers
Where:  3rd Floor Boardroom
When:  9:15 am 

Do you ever struggle with wanting to do everything, be everywhere, know everything, and be firmly in control of your life? Do you experience frustration with your limitations? The good news is that our limitations are by design. We were never meant to be God. But at the root of every sin is our rebellious desire to possess attributes that belong to God alone.  Come and join us for a Women's Sunday School class as we study and learn about God's character. As we gain a greater understanding of who He is, we'll be transformed to live with greater trust, freedom, and joy.

Expanding The Kingdom: The Purpose of Church Planting

Teachers: Dean Faulkner
Where:  Resource Center
When:  9:15 am 

Are you curious about church planting? Do you want to explore living on the cutting edge of faith in mission? Do you want to learn practical ways to share your faith and serve in a mission? The curious and the called are encouraged to join the Ballantyne Mission plant class where we will look at the mission of Christ in the Gospels and Acts. We will also spend time being equipped to do ministry together in things like: evangelism, prayer, spiritual gift discernment, and vision of the church plant. Come and see how God is working in Uptown's next plant.

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