An interactive activity at the NW Patient Safety Coalition - May 1st
We were delighted to present at the NW Patient Safety Coalition Meeting last week on the topic of Health Advocacy and Innovation.  Health Advocacy is all about turning our perception of how health care has to be done on its head to think about how health care CAN be done through the eyes and experiences of people who want to achieve better health and health results.
Because the field of health advocacy is still new and emerging, there is a lot of innovation going on.  We are beginning to offer a periodic conversation for advocates who want to start WASHAA-like groups in different parts of the country. (Note: If you would like to join our periodic conversations about leveraging WASHAA learning to help form and grow advocacy groups in your area, please contact us at  You will also see that the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB) launched its inaugural test for professional advocates with 149 advocates earning the certification.

We continue to believe that identifying ways to support the growth of the Health Advocacy field will require continued partnership -- we look forward to doing that in new and different ways.  

Here's to your good health,


Robin Shapiro
WASHAA Board Chair

Monday, May 14 from 4pm - 6pm at Washington State University

We will be gathering people who are interested in Health Advocacy for our second meeting in Spokane, WA. This meeting is free and we hope to include medical providers, patients, patient safety organizations, insurance representatives, educators and health advocates.  

Why Attend:
  • Increase community support for patients and families navigating health care.
  • Learn about community presentations that could help patients be more engaged in their health care.
  • Identify ways for community partners to work together to support creating better health for people.
  • Discuss opportunities to leverage people in the community to empower patients.
Registration is Here: 

Tuesday, May 15 from 10:00am - 11:30am at the Public Library in Spokane

Have you ever left your doctor's office wishing you could have more time?
In today's primary care visit, time is short and there are many issues to cover.
How can you be effective and respectful of your doctor's time and get answers you  want?

This session explores how to the make the most of your doctor visit.
It will review some of the most important ways people can be prepared by
applying common health advocacy skills. 

Join us for a fun and interactive session on how to make the most of your doctor visit.

Patient Advocate Credential Board (PACB) Update - 149 People Earn Certification

The Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB) has certified 149 Patient Advocates following the inaugural national certification exam for professionals working in the field of patient advocacy. Congratulations to Karen Vogel, WASHAA member, who earned the certification!
The certification exam was administered at testing sites across the United States. The first group of Board Certified Patient Advocates received notification of successfully passing the certification in late April. The next exam will be September 15-30 2018. The application deadline is August 15. The exam will be offered twice a year going forward.

Your financial gift during GIVEBIG will help us continue the progress we are making!  On  May 9th , WASHAA will participate in the GiveBIG campaign organized by the  Seattle Foundation. By giving a gift to WASHAA through this campaign - your dollars will go farther.  We have secured matched dollars and your gift can also enable WASHAA to qualify for contributions through the Seattle Foundation.  By planning and giving through this campaign, WASHAA can also count on your funds being used right away for major initiatives this year:  Expanding our public presentations and volunteer health advocate training, and reaching beyond western Washington state.

Please plan your gift today -- donors can schedule an online donation. To schedule a donation, a donor needs to create a simple account on The donor will receive a confirmation email receipt upon submitting the form. The donation will not be processed until May 9th. The donor will receive a receipt confirming once the gift has successfully processed on  May 9.

Thanks in advance for your support! 

When your doctor says you are healed and your labs tests are "normal," but you still feel bad, where do you turn? Have you heard "Food is Medicine"? Sorting through the "hype" online can be annoying and can leave us overwhelmed and confused. This is where Christina Tidwell, RN, MN, CHC, Owner and Founder of Live Well with Christina, steps in. Join Christina for an eye-opening webinar on health and nutrition.

 Free for WASHAA members and just $5 for the public.

May 14 - WASHAA Professional Meeting - Spokane
May 15 - The ABCs of a Successful Doctor Visit - Spokane
May 21 - The ABCs of a Successful Doctor Visit (Parkshore)
June 20 - Networking Event (Skyline)
June 28 - Healing Through Nutrition Webinar
September 12 - Networking Event (Skyline)
September 27 - Safe & Sound in the Hospital (PNV) - Free!
October 5 - WASHAA Annual Meeting 9am - 3pm
December 6 - Networking Event

Although WASHAA speakers can give presentations on many topics, here are a few of our popular presentations:
  • The ABCS of a Successful Doctor Visit
  • Patient Know More ... Patient No More! 
  • The Emerging Field of Health Advocacy 
  • Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety
  • Volunteer Health Advocate Training: Understanding the Role & Skills to Be Effective
To schedule a speaker for your community, please submit your request here: 

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