Volume 127 | May 2020
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"Sourdough Bootcamp: How (and Why) to Create a Whole Grain Sourdough Starter… and What to Do with It"
Whether you’ve been impacted by the shortage of yeast, or you find yourself spending more time at home and are interested in taking on some baking experiments, there has never been a better time to give sourdough baking a try. Did you know that sourdough starters fed different types of flour (whole wheat flour, einkorn flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, etc.) can have different aromas, bacterial communities, and baking capabilities?

In this presentation, Dr. Erin McKenney of North Carolina State University will do a deep dive into the nutritional and microbial benefits of sourdough fermentation with a special focus on whole grains. We’ll finish by offering a sneak peek at some of our favorite whole grain sourdough recipes, and where home bakers and fermentation enthusiasts can learn more about these topics.
P.S. Did you miss our 5/8 webinar on transforming taste buds or our 4/15 webinar on wheat sensitivity? The recordings are now available online.
How Local Flour is Filling the Gaps
The recent shakeup to our food systems is teaching us the importance of diversity and flexibility – not just in our shopping lists and cooking repertoires, but in our supply chain and food systems themselves.
Less Processed Whole Grain Foods Linked with Better Blood Sugar Control in People with Diabetes
Replacing refined grains with whole grains is a simple swap that can yield measurable health benefits. But what if you are already eating whole grains and are ready to take the next step? In a study of 63 adults with type 2 diabetes, those eating less processed, more intact whole grains had a significantly lower post-meal blood sugar response and lower blood sugar variability throughout the day, compared with those eating whole grain foods that were more processed or made with more finely milled particles. 
How Well Do You Know Barley?
When you think of barley, do you picture a big bowl of hearty soup? Does your mental image of barley pretty much end there? You may not be alone, but if your use of barley doesn’t extend beyond your mom’s beef and barley recipe, you’re seriously missing out.
Easy Whole Grain Recipes
Amaranth, May's Whole Grain of the Month , is a wonderful whole grain thickener that makes this hale-and-hearty soup plenty filling enough to be a main dish. This is the perfect plant-based pantry recipe to turn to, especially if your supermarket is running low on your favorite cuts of meat.

Recipe courtesy of Lori Sobelson, from the Bob’s Red Mill cookbook Whole & Healthy Grains for Every Meal of the Day .
This millet-based dish is the definition of comfort food. When prepared in this way, millet takes on a creamy, almost Thanksgiving stuffing-like texture. The goat cheese melts into the dish at the end, complementing the hearty flavors of the chicken, leeks, and sweet red grapes.

An Oldways recipe
Looking for a weekend baking project? Now that strawberries are starting to go on sale, it's the perfect time to try this delicious berry cake, inspired by strawberry shortcake. 

Recipe adapted from King Arthur Flour by Oldways