May 24, 2019

Are you registered for Convention? If yes, I have exciting news!
If your answer is not yet, you'll want to read all the way to end.

Hold on to your smartphone... all Convention attendees who register by  June 18   will be invited to a bonus training with guest speaker Lynn Bardowski.

Lynn will give you an overview of the fastest growing social media platform - Instagram!
Facebook calls Instagram, "The new Facebook!" It's where you need to be to connect with the next generation of L'BRI customers and attract new Consultant leads. Which is why we're super excited to bring you this Convention Attendee exclusive event!

Join us (via Zoom) on  Tuesday, June 25 at 8 PM Central Time  to find out what YOU need to know about Instagram.

What is this Instagram thing that everyone under 35 is spending way too much time on? Simply put, Instagram is a social networking app for photo and videos. And, it’s owned by Facebook. Instagram has a unique superpower called HASHTAGS. Hashtags can help you attract your ideal customer and help your ideal customer connect with YOU. Let’s explore more!

In this overview you’ll learn:
  • Why you can’t ignore Instagram
  • Instagram Dos and Donts
  • How to optimize your profile

If you're not registered for National Convention yet but want to be, don't wait too long.
This special training is for Consultants who are registered by June 18 ! Head over to the REGISTRATION PAGE right now so you don't miss it.

Lin & Lynn

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Lin Ragle