Governing from the Future:
Equipping Your Board for Leadership in Uncertain Times
A Webinar Sponsored by the Milwaukee Public Library
and the Center for Public Skills Training
Wednesday, June 24, 2020       1:00 - 2:30 PM   No Charge 

We thought we were already living in a time of profound change. And then . . . the Pandemic. Think it will be over soon? Better think again!
Boards are discovering that they need to govern differently if they are going to meet the challenges their organizations now face. Nothing less will do at a time when boards are challenged with building short- and long-term financial sustainability, delivering on mission in new ways, weighing strategic restructuring options, planning for board leader succession, and more. The unrelenting pace of change challenges boards to look and act differently; and traditional governance models will not suffice. Some boards have already made the transition. They possess a number of qualities and characteristics that together define a new profile of board effectiveness.
Forward-looking boards like yours can take things to the next level by applying the Governance as Leadership model that challenges boards to engage in three modes of thinking and decision-making: fiduciary, strategic and generative.  
While all three are important, the third, generative thinking, is now receiving the most attention. Thinking further into the future about new possibilities through generative mode thinking -- governing from the future -- can lay the groundwork for leaders to develop resilient strategies that assure continuing mission impact and sustainable growth in an increasingly uncertain future.
This workshop will provide a practical introduction to tools and techniques that will equip your board to govern from the future.

  Learning Objectives:
  • Gain knowledge of the Governance As Leadership framework with emphasis on strategic and generative mode thinking;
  • Grasp the implications of generative thinking for strategic planning, design and conduct of meetings, board recruitment and development, as well as the board/executive director working relationship;
  • Learn about resilient strategies that are now emerging in the sector in response to the Pandemic;
  • Complete an initial assessment of your board's current work in the three governance modes in order to set targets for improvement;
  • Leave with a toolkit of activities, methods, and practices for incorporating strategic and generative thinking into the ongoing work of your board
Presenter: Frank Martinelli, The Center for Public Skills Training & contributing author of YOU and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Practical Tips from the Field's Top Practitioners, Researchers and Provocateurs. Frank has over 35 years of work, training and consulting experience with a variety of nonprofit and public sector organizations. He specializes in strategic planning, governing board development, and community partnership & alliance building. More Information about Frank Martinelli
Special Features: Attendees will receive a board development manual and other resource materials. After the session, they will receive the PowerPoint presentation file used in the workshop as well as a link to the on-demand webinar recording.
Who Should Attend: Board chairs, chairs-elect, executive committee members, executive directors, chairpersons of board governance and strategic planning committees. Board chairs and executive directors encouraged to attend as a leadership team.
PLEASE NOTE:  This IS NOT a basic board training session. We will not be covering the details of recruitment and fundraising for example. Also the session will not address short-term crisis management. 

The June 24th webinar IS for leaders who want to take their boards to a higher level of future-focused performance and effectiveness in response to the longer term impact of the Pandemic and other generative challenges that are coming.

There is No Charge for the Webinar

You can contact the presenter directly:
Frank Martinelli, The Center for Public Skills Training at