Family Fun Days!
Thanks to our sponsor the Allstate Foundation , our 2019 Family Fun Days are underway! When it rained in Greeley for our “Picnic in the Park” event, our families had their snack in the public library and touched and smelled some potted herbs. In Grand Junction, a family learned to “hike” in the park with a new pre-cane device. The last “Picnic in the Park” event will take place in Sterling, CO on June 14 th . If you’re interested in sponsoring a future event for A Shared Vision, CONTACT US .
How to Make an Experience Book
Children who are blind or visually impaired develop meaningful concepts through experiences. While a child with vision might understand what a dog is by an illustration in a book, a child who is blind or visually impaired will need to pet a dog and hear it bark to fully understand what a dog is. The experience of meeting a dog can be reinforced by making a tactile experience book where artifacts from an event a child experiences are incorporated onto the pages of a simple, sturdy book. You can make an experience book about any event in your child’s life – a day in the park, a trip to the laundromat or the contents of Mom’s purse.  LEARN HOW
New! Summer Events
Join us for a fun, sensory learning activity and meet other A Shared Vision families in your area! Let's go on a treasure hunt at the grocery store and learn some easy strategies for everyday routines at these locations.

  • July 12, King Soopers, Greeley
  • Aug. 2, Safeway, Denver
  • Aug. 12, Walmart, Sterling
  • Aug. 23, Sprouts, Grand Junction

Click HERE for our events calendar and to register. The events are free.
We're Growing!
In 2018 we provided more than 1,600 in-home vision services for 189 young children throughout Colorado, an increase of 33% and 27% respectively from the previous year. Read our 2018 Annual Report HERE .
A Shared Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the leading provider of in-home and community early intervention vision services in Colorado. We inspire and empower families to nurture the development of their very young children who are blind or visually impaired so that all children may discover their brightest future.
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