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John C. Riley
About the Author
John C. Riley is a motivational speaker, business coach and author. He is the co-founder and CEO of J&L Riley Enterprises and Atlanta Professional Business Network. He is a Georgia Southern University Business School graduate and member of its 1st 500 Group.

In Thank God! They Moved My Cheese, John C. Riley shares with you his personal story and strategies on how he transitioned from an employee to an entrepreneur. John hopes that his story will serve as inspiration and encouragement for you to start planning a new life filled with passion, zest, dreams and expectations rather than living one of quiet desperation. This book will help multiply your success, eliminate failure and create an abundant life you LOVE.
Trayon S. Henderson
About the Author
Trayon S. Henderson is a Georgia Elementary School Instructional Coach. She also taught 3rd - 5th grades for 12 years in a Georgia Public School. Trayon is a resilient woman who once lived in Atlanta, Georgia in a single-parent household with her mother and two younger sisters. Growing up in Grady Homes (an Atlanta Housing Project) taught her to dream, fight, and persevere through any challenge presented to her. Aside from being an educator, Trayon enjoys writing poetry, listening to music (all genres), and spending time with her fiancé, and their blended family (two adult sons, two adult daughters, two grandsons, and one granddaughter).
Mutima K. Jackson-Anderson
About the Author
Author, and diabetes advocate Mutima K. Jackson-Anderson stands modest in confidence yet, courageous in character.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Mutima begun expressing her
thoughts through writing at an early age. Wanting to follow in the
footsteps of her mother, who was a freelance writer for the Atlanta
Inquirer, Mutima begun to write poems and short stories- which led her to journey into the literary world by writing her debut novel, the
successful selling, "Painting the Perfect Picture", a thought-provoking
story about a woman’s struggle to endure unexpected detours in life.

In 2010, Mutima launched Ka'rii Literary Entertainment, a marketing, and promotions firm for independent authors of African American interest literature. Mutima is also the Executive Director of the Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, a nonprofit organization she established in honor of her late mother. As a diabetes advocate, Mutima promotes awareness in many aspects of her life, including in her written works.

In 2017 Mutima launched Faraja Pedicure, a social enterprise formulating plant-based foot care products to help efface the quandary of common foot problems.

When she is not writing, or raising awareness of diabetes, Mutima enjoys reading, visiting art galleries, traveling, and special moments with loved ones.

Mutima’s favorite philosophy quote is - “I think therefore I am”.
Akbar Imhotep
About the Author
Akbar Imhotep should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action)

Create a great offer by adding words like "free" "personalized" "complimentary" or "customized." A sense of urgency often helps readers take an action, so think about inserting phrases like "for a limited time only" or "only 7 remaining!"
Brenda Sherrell
About the Author
Brenda Sherrell is a widow and mother of seven children. She is an avid church member and loves to quilt. Sherrell spends her time quilting, donating to the less fortunate, and helping the ministry.

As a surprise birthday gift to their mom, three young girls, Celena, Dee Dee, and Misty, learn how to make a quilt!
Seeing their mother quilting constantly inspires the girls to learn how to quilt themselves. Expressing their creativity and learning a productive hobby, the girls are thrilled to show their mom the new talent they have discovered.
Sherronda Barbine
About the Author
Sherronda L. Barbine was born in Ohio in August 1966. She has lived in shame and guilt for over 40 years, now is free to live victoriously. She has forgiven her perpetrators and moved on. She hopes this book delivers someone from burdens that they no longer need to carry around.
Prof. Jen Riley
About the Author
International-selling author, Professor Jen Riley, is a celebrated college professor at Purdue University, entrepreneur and small business consultant. She is a native of Atlanta, GA, and graduate of Oglethorpe University and GA State University, Robinson College of Business. Prof. Riley is a Ph.D doctoral graduate of Kennesaw State University, Coles College of Business, and has been an instructor at Alabama A&M University and Kansas State University.
Gene Oglesby
About the Author
Gene Oglesby is a 16 year old author with big dreams for his book universe and media empire. Gene began writing this book when he was in 5th grade. Despite moving to Guam and relocating several times, due to being a military connected child. He has created hundreds of characters and can’t wait to share them with the world. He wishes to have a career in politics and he is a huge sports fan. His favorite sports team is his beloved Oregon Ducks football team. Writing is his outlet and his voice within his novels is very strong! 

Ninja Puppies The is a 396 page, Action/Adventure novel. It starts off with a literal “BANG!” and follows the main character, Steve Nelson. He and his five brothers are 16 year old puppies (in human years) and they all live in Oglesby City. It is a town that is the definition of “hustle and bustle.” A city where humans and animals live in harmony. 

The puppies all attend Oglesby High but are all outcast in the school. After one particular bullying incident, the puppies tell their human guardian ,Remone, about the incident. The group is stunned when Remone seemingly shrugs it off, but are surprised when he enrolls them in a top secret government program.
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