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Effective Communication
The Power of REAL Conversations as a Cornerstone of Business Success

Tuesday, November 17th at 9 AM
Virtual via Zoom

Research shows that 60-80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from poor communication between employees, rather than lack of skill or motivation. Our training in effective communication provides you with tools for immediate use with colleagues and clients. Participants will leave equipped with strategies to resolve conflict in a way that promotes accountability, collaboration, and productivity.
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“I’m not worried about the election or who gets elected, I’m worried about the day after.” A guest on my podcast, Well Being Walks, recently said this while we were recording an episode. I was struck by her comment as it illustrates the fear and uncertainty that is impacting so many of us right now.

All of our long-standing systems are shifting and are beginning to look very different from what we were once accustomed to.

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This week Kip walks with Michelle Drolet. Michelle shares her inspiring experience persevering through simultaneous business and personal health crises. Kip and Michelle also discuss some of the surprising elements that have propelled their companies forward and the keys to thriving, successful business partnerships. Michelle Drolet is CEO of Towerwall, a highly focused and specialized cyber security company.

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Guided Meditation with Kip Hollister

Thursday, October 29 at 10:00 AM
Virtual via Zoom

Join Kip for a refreshing guided meditation.