Join Us for an Upcoming Wellness Series Focused on YOU!
How to Get Your Mojo Back During COVID-19
Presented by Dr. Corey Martin from the
Bounce Back Project

We are excited to announce and offer an impactful series featuring Dr. Corey Martin, MD, from the Bounce Back Project which promotes health through happiness.

How will it be delivered?

Kick-off with a LIVE Virtual Session 
Tuesday, March 2 (3:30-4:30pm) 
followed by
Six Pre-recorded Virtual Modules
Approximately 20 minutes each & available for viewing on your own time.
Live Session: 
How to Get Your Mojo Back During COVID-19
Tuesday, March 2nd from 3:30-4:30pm
  • Since COVID-19, do you feel like you have lost your mojo?  
  • Do you find it difficult to connect with friends, family and colleagues?  
  • When scrolling through social media, do you wonder how people can really think that way?  
  • Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we are more alike than different AND if given the chance, we could once again have meaningful, connecting conversations that would fill our hearts and connect us in ways that we long for?  

This talk is a powerful, experiential session based on the principles of the Center for Courage and Renewal that will help you understand how much power and control you have to make a meaningful difference in creating the connected life we all long for.

  • Understand ways that we can all help build connection and community
  • Build an awareness of how it feels to be labeled as "different"
  • Identify ways to meaningfully, personally reconnect in times of disconnection and social isolation. 
Live Session will be followed by:
Six Pre-Recorded Virtual Modules 
Each module is approximately 20 minutes in length and can be watched on participants own time. 
  1. Job Burnout - learn the consequences of burnout on your personal wellbeing, your organization and your colleagues.
  2. Leadership - principles of everyday leadership help build personal and organizational resilience. Discover how expressing gratitude and appreciation leads to less burnout and more meaningful and joy in lives and work.
  3. Kindness - practices such as random acts of kindness and gratitude practices can lead to greater health and happiness. Find ways to create more joy in social relationships at home, work and in your communities.
  4. Gratitude - discover the power gratitude has to increase your wellbeing and joy.
  5. Relationships - learn more about the importance of relationships and the detrimental effects of loneliness has on our communities and our own mental and physical wellbeing. The quality of relationships is the best predictor of your long-term health and happiness. 
  6. Mindset - mindset can have significant impact on health, happiness and relationships. Mindset can either limit you or help you. Your mindset matters!

All Sessions Presented by Dr. Corey Martin 
Dr. Corey Martin is a Yale-trained family physician driven to change the delivery of healthcare and improve the mental and physical health of our communities. Dr. Martin is also the founder of the Bounce Back Project. Driven to do this work by the loss of two colleagues and friends, Corey strives to create an environment of opportunity in which all of us can do the deep, heartfelt work of changing the way we show up and interact in each other's lives. 
Credit will be Available...
if the Above Series is Completed Along with Attendance at the
2021 Healthy Schools Summit!
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