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A Spadefoot’s Story

Sunday July 31, 11 am

Connor Baerg, ODC Conservation Guide and Earth and Environmental Science student from UBC Okanagan spotlights the Great Basin Spadefoot - a species native to North American grasslands. Hear about the peculiar way this unique amphibian survives in the desert and how we are impacting its way of life. Provincially blue-listed in British Columbia, Spadefoots are experiencing extreme environmental and anthropogenic disturbances. Topics discussed will include their reproductive and habitat requirements, their current pressures and what is being done to support this fascinating animal.

From the Ground Up: Bringing Back

the Burrowing Owl to BC

Thursday August 4, 11 am

Athene cunicularia hypugaea, the Western Burrowing Owl, is a species at risk in Canada, extirpated from BC in the 1980s. For 30 years the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of British Columbia (BOCS-BC) has been working on reintroducing Burrowing Owls to our grasslands through captive breeding and habitat enhancement. Lauren Meads, Executive Director of BOCS-BC, will introduce us to her very special guest Pluto while discussing the successes and obstacles of working with this remarkable grassland bird. 

That’s one “sneaky” snake!

Saturday August 13, 11 am

Join Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre Snake Biologist Lindsay Whitehead as she talks about the seven different snake species of the South Okanagan. Learn about current conservation efforts to protect snake species at risk, snake safety tips, and what to do when you encounter a snake on the trail. Bonus: the full story of "Enzo" the rattlesnake that hitched a ride in a Ferrari! 

Cultivating the Wild

Saturday August 20, 11 am

Learn the ins and outs of xeriscape landscaping with long-time gardener and workshop presenter Eva Durance. Eva has gardened all her life and worked as a xeriscape-naturescape garden designer for over 15 years in the South Okanagan. Along with advanced Arts degrees, Eva has a Diploma in Landscape Design from the Institute of Garden Design in the UK and has taken several “Restoration of Natural Systems” courses from the University of Victoria. In 2009, Eva published Cultivating the Wild: gardening with native plants of BC’s Southern Interior and Eastern Washington. The book includes details on general xeriscape gardening and is available for sale in the ODC gift shop. 

Badgers Can’t Be Choosers: Making sense of these misunderstood mammals

Sunday August 28, 11 am

Join ODC Guide Connor Baerg for a talk on one of the most elusive animals in the South Okanagan. Why have we seen such a steep decline in American Badger populations not only in our region but across Canada? What are the current threats to Badger survival and what needs to be done to protect them? Find the answers to these questions and more at “Badgers Can’t Be Choosers,” and learn how you can help protect this species. 

It's Getting Hot in Here: Climate Change Impacts on the Ecology of the

South Okanagan

Saturday September 3, 11 am

Climate change experts tell us it’s getting hotter but what does that mean for plants and animals? Learn how climate change is expected to affect the environment in the South Okanagan with an emphasis on some of our key species here at the Osoyoos Desert Centre. ODC Conservation Guide Larissa Thelin is a Master of Science student at the University of Alberta and a Science Communicator specializing in educating the public on the potential impacts of climate change.

Name that Bat!

Sunday September 11, 11 am

Did you know the South Okanagan has the most species of bats in all of Canada? Join our Desert Centre Manager Leor Oren to learn all about the bats that hang out in our neck of the woods. Other questions you might have: How does a bat say 'Hi' to her mom? Where do they sleep? What do they eat (it’s not human blood) and how do they talk? Leor’s got the answers to these intriguing questions and more. He’ll talk about the current major threats to bats and how we can best help these fascinating animals.


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For the Birds!

Bluebird Nest Box Building Workshop

Saturday September 24, 1 to 3 pm

Be a part of the wonderful bluebird success story of conservation and citizen science! Join the Osoyoos Desert Centre for a hands-on bluebird nest box building workshop. The workshop includes step-by-step instruction to build your own take-home nest box. Participants will also learn about bluebird ecology, life cycle, and the recovery of declining populations, as well as how to install your nest box and monitor it for eggs and fledglings. The event is open to family members of all ages and participants may work to build their nest boxes as a team or on their own. All materials provided. Please bring a Robertson #2 electric drill/screwdriver. After the workshop, participants are invited to tour our brand new 1.5 km boardwalk and interpretive building at the Centre. 

Registration is required. Limited space available.

Fee is $20 per box.

To register email mail@desert.org or call 250.495.2470.

Early Bird Tours are Back!

Thursdays, 7:15 to 8:45 am

Join us along our 1.5 km boardwalk trail for an early morning walk and talk. Learn about what’s for breakfast and other dining habits of some favorite desert wildlife. Find out what’s on the menu for bobcats, snakes and other predators and what “early birds” actually do get the worm. Bring along your coffee and enjoy a great start to your day. Advanced registration not required. Gates open at 7 am. 

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