A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
We have so much to be proud of. As you already know, WTLC was at the forefront of the domestic violence movement and became the very first service provider in Orange County and the third in the United States. Our history tells a story of great pioneering and vision. Our programs and services tell a story of great impact we’ve made on the survivors who have come through our doors and our community at large. It would be an honor to celebrate all the great facets of WTLC with you at our upcoming annual ball, The Golden Age of Hollywood – Remastering Lives Since 1976. It is going to be even more fantastic than last year’s event as you will wine and dine over luscious vino and delectable cuisine and be mesmerized by our live music and entertainment throughout the night. You will also have opportunities for selfies and photo ops in your dazzling/dapper outfit to show off to your social media friends that you look great while supporting a worthy cause. Continue reading below for more information and to purchase your tickets. Looking forward to enjoying the night with you. 

With Appreciation,

Thank you to everyone who supported our Love Is Giving Day! On February 12th, WTLC partnered with 11 other agencies to raise $117,918 to support healthy teen relationships in Orange County. 

We had set our own agency goal of $15,000 and—because of your support—blew past that goal, bringing in a total of $16,921 in just 24 hours. These funds will support our community team’s work with local school districts, teaching teenagers about healthy relationships and raising awareness of issues such as bullying and teen dating violence. A special thank you to A Little Help Foundation Fund, Pacific Western Bank, and an anonymous donor for matching every dollar donated. Thank you so much for your commitment to creating a safer world for future generations!
How WTLC Tackles Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking through Community Outreach
Over the years, WTLC has made a commitment to ending the cycle of violence through a variety of prevention efforts led by our Community Outreach Team. Some of these include the more commonly known personal empowerment program (PEP), parenting classes, and a healthy relationships workshop series. 
Women's History Month: Remembering Our Powerful Start as an Organization Founded by Women for Women
This Women’s History Month, join WTLC in saying thank you to the women who led the charge against domestic violence in the 1970s.

WTLC is proud to be an organization that was founded by women for women. We were created in 1976 by the Orange County Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in response to the high numbers of women and children who would spend their nights in parking lots because it was safer than returning home to an abusive husband. Even our name—Women’s Transitional Living Center—is a nod to our origins as a women-focused agency.

Since 1976, we have grown and learned a lot both as an organization and as a society. We now recognize that all genders can experience domestic violence, and that it can be harmful to uphold the long-accepted narrative that women are always the victim and men are always the abuser. We have opened our programs, both residential and community based, to all genders and strive to maintain a safe, welcoming, and affirming space for all survivors in our community to find healing.

The women who led the movement in the 1970s forced their communities to acknowledge and address the epidemic of domestic violence, and their work entirely shifted the way that we as a society view abuse. Because of our founders’ strength and perseverance, WTLC is continuing to change lives over 40 years later. We are so grateful to these women who refused to accept that violence should be considered a regular part of a woman’s life and who built the foundation for the services we continue to provide today.
WTLC’s 4 th Annual Ball, “The Golden Age of Hollywood,” will take place on March 28 th , 2020, at The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course! This event brings together 200 people dedicated to ending domestic violence and human trafficking through an evening of dinner, dancing, and lively auctions. We invite you to join us in raising over $80,000 to end the cycle of violence.
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