Paws in Print
December, 2019
Upcoming Events

Holiday Adoption Event with Petco
Saturday, Dec. 7 | 9am – 3pm
Join us at Petco in Topsham ( 131 Topsham Fair Mall Rd, Topsham) and take home a new furry family member! Get a sneak peek at the animals going up for adoption a few days before our event on the MH Facebook page!

Home For the Holidays
Adoption Event
Saturday, Dec. 14 | 10am – 6pm
We'll be at our Adoption Facility ( 30 Range Rd, Brunswick) AND at the Jefferson Fire Department ( 204 Waldoboro Rd, Jefferson) with shelter pets looking for their forever homes! Get a sneak peek at the animals going up for adoption a few days before our special two location event on our

Pours for Paws Holiday Event hosted by Black Pug Brewing
Friday, December 13 | 3 - 9pm
Black Pug ( 30 Bath Road, Suite 1, Brunswick) is graciously hosting a Silent Auction to benefit Midcoast Humane! The auction features local businesses, and we invite you to bring supplies off of our Wish List to receive $2 off your beer!

Peace, Joy, & Puppies Adoption Event Hosted By L.L.Bean
Thursday, December 19 | 6 - 9pm
Join us at L.L.Bean's magical Discovery Forest ( 95 Main Street, Freeport) and take home a new furry family member!

WELCOME, Mary P. Sundeen—
Our First President!

Optimizing Operations and Securing New Facilities Are Top Priorities for New Executive

The Board of Directors of Midcoast Humane, a well-established nonprofit providing animal welfare services to 41 municipalities in the state of Maine, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mary P. Sundeen as its first President since commencing operations in 1950.

Christen Graham, Chair of the Board of Directors of Midcoast Humane commented, “Over the past four months the board of directors has been focused on finding the right executive to lead our organization into the future. I am delighted to tell you we’ve found her. Mary is an experienced, nonprofit leader who has helped prior organizations she has served to reimagine their potential, implement best practices and achieve financial sustainability. We look forward to working with Mary and to the further growth and success of Midcoast Humane under her leadership.”

“Midcoast Humane is undergoing critical restructuring as it enters its 70 th year of service to the communities, people and animals of midcoast Maine,” stated Mary P. Sundeen, President. “Key objectives over the next year are strengthening infrastructure, expanding services and community partnerships, replacing several aging facilities, and reallocating assets and personnel to create a clear path to success and sustainability for decades to come. I am very pleased to join the team at Midcoast Humane and am honored to support their vital work of caring for almost 4,000 homeless animals each year.”

Ms. Sundeen has 30 years of experience in for-profit and non-profit management, corporate communications, and investor relations chiefly within the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining Midcoast Humane, she served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for DisposeRx, Inc.; President of the HealthWell Foundation, recognized by Forbes as the 12 th Most Efficient Charity in the United States; and as President and Chief Executive Officer of a non-profit Maryland-based hospice. She is a lifelong volunteer and animal advocate. 
The #GivingTuesday Results Are In...
We are extremely excited to share with you that on this GivingTuesday our community (yes-you!) came together to raise a total of $11,7333 to help us provide proper care to the shelter pets here at Midcoast Humane! This surpassed our goal and we can not thank you enough.

We simply couldn't do the life-saving work we do every day without the support of all of you— THANK YOU!
Featured left to right: Danny Martignetti (Executive Producer of the WGAN Morning News With Ken & Matt), Kate McHugh-Westfall (MH Volunteer Manager), and Mary P. Sundeen (MH President).

Maine Points is a half hour segment produced weekly by WGAN Executive Producer Danny Martignetti and the WGAN News Team with guidance from the Operations Manager and or other station Brand Managers. They try to ensure that charity organizations are represented (at no cost to them) on Maine Points by utilizing all 7 stations at Portland Radio Group.

Midcoast Humane's new President, Mary P. Sundeen and Volunteer Manager, Kate McHugh-Westfall were lucky enough to be able to join Danny on the Main Points segment to talk about community partnerships, programs we offer, and how folks in the community can get involved with our organization. The Main Points segment featuring Midcoast Humane will air on Sunday, December 15 on the following stations at the times listed below:

5:00 AM - WGAN (105.5) and WMGX (93.1)
5:30 AM - WYNZ (100.9), WBAE (107.1), WPOR (101.9), and WCLZ (98.9)
6:00 AM - WZAN (101.5)

Can't tune in between 5:00 and 6:30 AM? Find the full segment on the Main Points Podcast!
Dogs Playing For Life

In October Midcoast Humane was able to introduce a new enrichment program for our shelter dogs thanks to a generous grant by the Animal Farm Foundation, Inc.

Dogs Playing For Life (DPFL) is an enrichment program designed to allow a dog's natural instinct to play to become a daily part of its routine in the shelter setting. This innovative program was designed and founded by professional trainer Aimee Sadler. It uses play groups to provide dogs with positive emotional and behavioral benefits while allowing our team to learn more about the dogs and their personalities.

We welcomed the DPFL team at MH for a two-day training session for our staff and volunteers. It included a classroom presentation, hands on demonstration of safe-handling techniques and the fundamentals of successful play group experiences. Several other shelters and rescues from Maine were invited to attend and learn with us.

Safety protocols for people and our dogs are emphasized to ensure that play groups continue to bring out the best in our shelter dogs. These protocols allow for the least possible risk of injury and are designed to maintain the health and well-being of our animals.

Our dogs continue to enjoy this enrichment program every day, getting lots of exercise, decreasing their stress, and developing critical social skills. 

Holiday Adoption Event Hosted By Petco
Join us on Saturday, December 7 from 9am to 3pm at the Petco in Topsham (131 Topsham Fair Mall Rd, Topsham). We will have furry friends there looking to find their lasting homes before the holidays! Get a sneak peek of the the shelter pets going up for adoption a few days before our event on the
Home For the Holidays Adoption Event
Join us for a very special,  two-location  adoption event on Saturday, December 14! You will be able to find animals in search of their forever homes at:
Jefferson Fire Department
204 Waldoboro Rd, Jefferson
10:00 am – 2:00 pm 
Midcoast Humane Adoption Facility
30 Range Road, Brunswick
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Please join us and spend time with our loving animal friends! Get a sneak peek a few days before the event on the MH Facebook page .
Featured left to right are the co-owners of Black Pug Brewing and Midcoast Humane's Event Coordinator at the 2018 Pours for Paws Holiday Event: Amanda, Emi, Kadie (MH) & Gir (Black Pug's namesake), Sam, and Jason.
Pours for Paws Holiday Event
Join us at Black Pug Brewing ( 30 Bath Rd,Brunswick) on Friday, December 13 from 3 - 9 PM for an event full of holiday cheer to support the animals of Midcoast Humane! Black Pug has put together an amazing silent auction, featuring local businesses. They will also be offering $2 off a 12 oz pour if you bring a gift off of Midcoast Humane's  Wish List . Black Pug will also generously be donating all their tips collected for the evening to support the animals of Midcoast Humane. This is an event you won't want to miss!
Peace, Joy, and Puppies Adoption Event Hosted By L.L.Bean
Join us for a very special adoption event in L.L.Bean's magical Discovery Forest in Freeport on Thursday, December 19 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. We will have twelve puppies looking for lasting. Get a sneak peek of the animals going up for adoption a few days before the event on the  MH Facebook page .
Where Are They Now?

We're extremely lucky to receive messages, photos, calls, and letters from happy adopters who have welcomed one (or more!) of our shelter pets into their loving homes.
Like most of us, Maid Marion's family lives a busy life, but she reminds them to take time to stop and smell the roses. They said of her, "this big, clumpy, clumsy, lovey fuzzball is always waiting for us—and making us actually be home on time! She makes us take walks on our 38 acres. She helps me get milkweed for the monarch caterpillars we're raising. She loves our chickens. She still has a bare patch on her belly—and it's still perfect for raspberries. She's perfect. She fits in perfectly. And, so, she is the Merida at the center of our universe. "
We caught up with the family of Midcoast Alum, Chloé and her family says she is thriving in her new home. "She is a real cuddle bunny (on her terms) and loves being brushed. She's learning how to play and is a real chow hound. She will wake me up in the morning by jumping on me, and if that doesn't get me up, she will jump again and meow her tiny voice in my face. I'm totally in love with this fur-baby...even my husband is smitten. Chloé has him laughing at her antics."
Working Every Day to Get Them a Lasting Home!
No Paw Left Behind  is a community initiative to help long-term, overlooked pets find lasting homes. Led by volunteers and staff at Midcoast Humane, the campaign ensures that every dog and cat who is ready to be adopted finds a family within 90 days. Help every animal find a home by following and sharing their stories on the No Paw Left Behind Facebook Page. Questions? Speak with an adoption counselor at (207) 449-1366.
CYLENE has been waiting for a home since January 20, 2018! This 3-year-old is one smart cookie, she knows sit, paw, and roll over...and is eager to learn more! Her absolute favorite is to be tucked into her bed with a comfy blanket.  Please call 207-449-1366 to set up a meet and greet with Cylene!

See more about Cylene on our website .
ROSIE is a four-and-a-half-year-old Coonhound/Shepherd mix. If you're looking for a jogging or hiking partner, look no further! It does take Rosie a little time to warm up to strangers, but once she does, you couldn't ask for a sweeter, more lovable girl!

See more about Rosie on our website .
TESSA is a five-and-a-half-year-old lady who first came to Midcoast Humane in on an interstate transport. Her last owner had to bring her back to us because their living situation changes. They described Tessa as a sometimes cuddle-bug who loves going outside and is a great mouser. When not able to go outside, she likes looking out the window keeping track of the comings and goings. 

See more about Tessa on our website .
NORMA is one-of-a-kind. At 14 years young, she's looking for someone to give her the love she deserves in her twilight years!  She adores having her breakfast cooked for her - water added to her large portion of diet food and microwaved for 15 seconds. She also likes to be held and she will bury her head in your neck and purr loudly. Anyone sitting with an open lap is fair game for Norma lap time.

See more about Norma on our website .
BECK is a sweet four-year-old retriever mix who loves to be outdoors. He would be the perfect fit for someone looking for a walking, running, or swimming buddy. His perfect home would be an adult only home or one with kids over 13 who are dog savvy. Beck has been through a basic obedience class and does really well with training whenever food is involved.  He needs a family who will continue to work with him on his impulse control and over-stimulation.

See more about Beck on our website .
TOM is a six-year-old sweet boy with a stunning honey colored golden coat.
He must be approached gently as he is developing cataracts in both eyes and his vision is slightly impacted. If approached too quickly he may be startled. Tom will need the most patient and loving of adopters who will do what is needed to maintain Tom's best life as his cataracts progresses.

See more about Tom on our website.
KEISHA is a five-and-a-half-year-old mama who came to us on an interstate transport from a Florida Rescue with her four kittens. She loves her human friends and would prefer a home with no other felines, because she is obviously the Queen. Keisha loves to play and when she is tuckered out, she will most likely snuggle up on your lap (or at least somewhere close so she can get her pets).

See more about Keisha on our website .
SKIPPER is a very handsome 10-year-old man, looking for a companion to do all of his favorite things with. His favorite things include going for walks, playing outside with his favorite toys, and snuggling on the couch!

See more about Skipper on our website .
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