Addressing COVID-19 and Buildings
As the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic and policymakers grapple with the aftermath, BuildingAction is launching an important project designed to leverage the expertise of building sector leaders to support pandemic response efforts and long-term economic recovery.

BuildingAction was created to establish a broad network of stakeholders in the building community and ensure that the transformation of buildings plays a central role in major policy debates. Right now, there is no more critical policy goal than addressing the health and economic consequences of COVID-19.

Therefore, we are conducting a survey of common-sense and quickly deployable policy ideas, initiatives and tools to put the building sector to work improving the safety and health of the buildings where first responders, essential personnel and at risk populations work on the front lines of this fight.

Join us on a webinar Thursday, April 2, at 2:00 pm EDT where we will share the report and hear from representatives from the key sectors whose buildings are on the front lines (such as hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets and pharmacies and others).

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Hon. Russ Carnahan
Co-founder, BuildingAction

Andrew Goldberg
Co-founder, BuildingAction