You're Invited to a Virtual Potluck, Online Games
May 2
We have some quick updates on the local bridge world this weekend.

Instead of our usual potluck, Sylvia and Nick Miller will host a virtual Zoom potluck on Wednesday, May 6, at 5:30 p.m.

We've learned that it is possible to have an online bridge game for only Sun Valley Bridge regulars and invited guests. We're wondering how many people are interested. Details on both of these are below.

We have cancelled bridge games through May 31. We will open only when we believe it is safe to do so, and we'll keep you posted.

Stay safe. We miss you, and look forward to the days when we can get together in person again.
--Chuck Abramo and Jo Murray
Been to a Zoom Party Yet?
It's easy to attend. You can fix the "quarantini" beverage and entree of your choice and enjoy it while you chat with others online. You can even see each other. (We're all suffering from lack of open hair salons, so sharing your picture is not mandatory.)

We thank Sylvia and Nick Miller for hosting. If you can attend, email Sylvia at and she will send you the directions.
Online Games Survey
Are you interested in online games, with masterpoints awarded, for Sun Valley Bridge club members?
Our other directors, Jim Churchill and Gary Kuchcinski, have offered to learn how to set one up.

It is a significant amount of work, so we want to be sure there is enough interest. Games would most likely be Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Please email if you would be interested in attending.
Things to Do While You're at Home
Try Jo Murray's semi-private online lessons on Defense or Declarer Play of the Hand. We're concentrating on defensive signals this month. Each lesson is limited to 7 people.

Private lessons from Jo and Chuck also are available.

Marty Bergen, 10-times national bridge champion and teacher extraordinaire, is making his audiovisual lessons available to Sun Valley Bridge club members at significant discounts with purchases of five lessons or more. (One person bought all 50.) Click here for details; click here to order lessons.
Support Local Clubs Online
ACBL and Bridge Base Online are partnering to offer  3 online tournaments a day, with the majority of the card fees going to local clubs. The fees will be allocated among the clubs in which you played during the past year. The allocation is automatic, and you don’t have to do anything.

We truly appreciate all of you who have asked how to support Sun Valley Bridge through these games. Games are at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Eastern.
Have You Placed in Online Games?
Please let us know. We'd like to include your successes in the next e-newsletter.
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