Join the fun for the South Church
Get Movin' 184 Challenge
The Get Movin’ 184 Challenge is around the corner! 
This is our primary fundraiser this year, and now is the time for you to get involved! Here is how to get started:
To be a Participant
First, choose an activity that you are willing to take part in at some point during the week of May 28 to June 4, 2021. The activity can take place on one day within that week or can be spread out as a participant wishes throughout any part of the week. The goal of the activity must include the numbers one (1), eight (8) and four (4) in any order or combination. For example, you might set your goal as riding your bike for 18.4 miles on any given day, or walk 1.84 miles each day of the week. Whatever it is, make sure it is an activity you can do safely and responsibly.
Complete the South Church 184 Challenge registration form by May 14th (may be done online  or by printing out the form and mailing it to the church office).
Registration Fees
$25 for adults age 18-65 
$10 for youth ages 15-18 
$15 for seniors 65 and over
Families pay a maximum fee of $50. Youth 14 and under are free, but must have written permission of a parent or guardian along with assurance of supervision.
Thank you for your support! Your registration fee will be used in its entirety to support the mission of South Church.

Who is Ready for the Challenge??
Janet Zeller - will circle the Heritage Heights Campus on the 1 mile trail, 8 times in 4 days in her powered wheelchair.

Leanne Tigert - will run/hike 14.8 miles on local and regional trails (likely swatting 184,000 black flies!).

Lou-Ann Porier - will bike for 1.84 hours

Sean Dunker-Bendigo - will ride his motorcycle 184 miles. 

Jed and Laurie Rardin - will bike 18.4 miles. 

Paddlers - will paddle 1.84 miles or 1.84 hours on the Merrimack River on May 30th.
  Team Members:
    Peg and David Wenzel
    Keri Yankus, Glenn and Colin Vodra
    Deb Henderson and Elizabeth Bornstein
    Kathy Daniels
    Liz Garlo

If you want to join any of these participants? E-mail Peg Wenzel.

Are you Ready for the Challenge??

To be a Sponsor
You can sponsor one of our participants or the event. We will update the participants online as they register. Click here to sponsor our participants.

If you choose to sponsor the event we have four levels of support
Bronze (up to $49.00)
Silver ($50- $100)
Gold ($101 -$183.0
Platinum ($184 and above)

Sponsorship payments can be made online here, or simply mail/ drop off a check to the church office with “184 Challenge” and the name of the person you are sponsoring or if you are sponsoring the fundraiser in the memo line.
Thank you for supporting the ministries of South Church!
Just joined the Challenge
Susan Hatem
“In response to the South Church Get Movin’184 Challenge fundraiser I will hike, rake, bake: 1 hike, 8 hours yard work, 4 loaves to give away
Walton Irvine
“In response to the South Church Get Movin’184 Challenge fundraiser I will bench press 184 pounds,
10 times"