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Amusement Park Etiquette
Ferris Wheel
Visiting amusement parks is a popular summertime activity. Parking, the lines, the heat and crowds will test even the most well-mannered family.

Before you visit the amusement park, review some basic etiquette guidelines. Following these guidelines will help your family have a memorable, adventurous and safe time.

Dress Appropriately-   Remember you are in public. Families are present. Don't dress for the club or the garden. Don't show too much skin.
Be Respectful-  Amusement parks are a microcosm of the world. Many nationalities, races, age groups and genders visit the park. There may be people with disabilities. Pointing, staring or making comments is disrespectful.
Wait Patiently-    No one wants to stand on line. However, waiting is an amusement park ritual. Jumping line or complaining incessantly spoils it for everyone. Patience is truly a virtue at the amusement park.

Say Excuse Me-   It is virtually impossible not to step in front of someone, step on a foot or inadvertently bump in passing. Saying excuse me often and without prompting will derail any unattended offense.

Amusement parks have safety guidelines for good reason. Follow the rules, whatever they may be. The safety of the guests is of the upmost importance.

Don't Litter- 
Throwing trash on the ground is bad form anywhere. Amusement parks have trash receptables every few feet. It is easy to have fun at the amusement park. Following some general etiquette rules will help keep the fun pleasant and safe.

Tip of the Month 
Word of Mouth

Gift Etiquette
Word of mouth is how you request monetary gifts. Never put a monetary request on an invitation.

Company Picnic
Company sponsored events should never be seen as optional. Employees should see these events as opportunities to engage with colleagues they may not know. Employers look at these events as opportunities to gauge your sociability and connection to the brand. The summer months call for company picnics. These picnics usually include family. Following these simple guidelines will help ensure that you retain your reputation and credibility. The company sponsored event is not the time to be "off the clock". Your decorum is just as important at the picnic as it is in the office. The way you and your family conducts themselves may help or hinder your career.
  • Go-  The urge may be to skip the event. Don't. It is important to show a connection and affinity for the brand. Spending time in your "off" hours shows a level of commitment. No uninvited guests please.
  • Dress to Impress-   No cutoffs, cleavage, high heels, ratty gym shoes, midriffs, graphic tees or too much skin. Gentlemen, don't wear gray it shows perspiration.
  • Prepare your Family-    Let your family know that this is an important event. Your family's social skills should enhance your image. They should know how to introduce themselves, shake hands and state their relation to you. Joining in the games, remembering thank you and please can go a long way.
  • Participate-   The company picnic is a great networking opportunity. Avoid shop talk. Introduce yourself to colleagues. Volunteer to assist. Join in the games.
Don't Forget
Someone is Listening
Everyone from C-Level to custodial staff may be present. Taboo topics are always taboo, regardless of the setting. Avoid gossip, negativity and complaining.

Someone is Watching   
Avoid alcohol. Avoiding alcohol will help you maintain appropriate boundaries both physical and verbal.

Someone is Taking Attendance   
Make sure key personnel know you are present. Thank the organizers, follow up with a thank you note.

Have Fun  


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