Gift yourself or a loved one...

a Transformation/Vacation in Ikaria, Greece,

where people have learned the secrets of longevity!

Join me for a 7-day magical adventure that will awaken and inspire the Goddess within you!

Tap into your true self, create awareness, clarity of mind, lightness of spirit & an open heart. Discover new growth opportunities and peak experiences! 

Our 5-day coaching playshop gives you the tools to achieve mindfulness, self-love, connection and transformation.

Nourish • Rejuvenate • Reflect • Explore • Play • Learn • Grow

Dates available July, August & September of 2023

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Indulge in the healthy and delicious Mediterranean diet

Pick fresh figs

and combine them with olives and feta

Take a nature hike,

pick organic herbs and enjoy them in your homemade tea

Swim the deep-blue

Aegean Sea

Collect sea salt and sprinkle it on your meals

Relax in the therapeutic seaside cave whose "magical" waters are heated by the earth's core 

Experience "Kefi" and "Parea!"

Dance to the Ikarian melodies

Celebrate and Connect with yourself and others!

A transformational voyage: Using Eirini's coaching techniques and playful spirit we co-create

the life you love to live!

Lodging is at cliffside guest rooms. Rest on a hammock, journal, become one with the breathtaking Aegean Sea.

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The New York Times reports on the Blue Zone of Ikaria...

the island where people forget to die!