Can't get to LA? No worries -- get your monkey art here.
I realize this is last minute -- I was just invited to speak at the Animal Rights Conference in LA next Sunday. I would love to meet you there! We will have an exhibit showcasing our talented monkey's beautiful artwork.

Saturday night there will be a banquet and auction -- you guessed it, Monkey Art will be auctioned. I hope you will join Sara, Claude and me at the banquet.

My presentation will be on monkeys in the pet trade, retiring monkeys from research to sanctuaries, and  monkeys in entertainment -- in particular the notorious "monkey rodeos"!!  
This monkey rodeo was banned in Alachua County. I will help you ban these horrific shows in your area .
As you can see, this monkey is chained around his neck, waist, and ankles to secure him on the dog during a race .
After the race they will place a chained, toothless monkey on your shoulder for a photo opportunity -- poor monkeys.
Cruel, Not Cute!
Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Stop the Exotic Pet Trade!

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director ~ 386-462-7779

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