Join Us for a Knit-Along!
The Studio is hosting an Icelandic Sweater Knit Along in March! Join us as we cast on March 1 and complete our iconic sweaters by March 31.
A beautiful choice!
Traditional Icelandic sweaters have a circular yoke with a pattern knitted in stranded colorwork. Sometimes the pattern is echoed at the hem and cuffs. These sweaters are timeless, adaptable and surprisingly easy to make. They’ve been popular for decades, and are enjoying a resurgence now.

We’ve selected four patterns by designer Jennifer Steingass . All feature similar construction, making them ideal candidates for our knit along (KAL). The patterns we've chosen use heavier-weight yarn (DK, worsted or aran) to knit up quickly.

Sweater features
  • Seamless, top-down construction
  • Neckline options (regular or wide, ribbed or rolled)
  • Stranded colorwork yoke knit in the round
  • Short-row shaping for great fit through back and shoulders
  • Optional gentle waist shaping for a feminine fit
It’s fun and meditative to watch the leaves grow as the yoke of Arboreal is knitted. The chart is easy to follow and memorize and is suitable for a color-work beginner, calling for only two colors.
“Dreyma” is the Icelandic word for “dream.” The designer said she woke up one morning with the idea of using V ’s as the focal point of this yoke. The motifs in Dreyma remind her of cascading waterfalls.
Fern & Feather
Fern & Feather is a great first-time stranded yoke sweater project. There are only 2 colors per round and the chart is easy to follow and memorize.
Treysta is the Icelandic word for trust. While most color work patterns use only two colors at a time, two rows of Treysta’s yoke use 3 colors.

KAL Details
Dates : March 1-31
Moderators : Lynn Haffner and Monta Morris
Experience level : Intermediate
Cost : $50 plus materials

We'll hold a Cast-On Party from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, March 1 and a Finish-Line Celebration from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, March 31. In between we will host several weekend and evening KAL sessions, and you can get help at The Studio during normal business hours.

Participants will receive a canvas goody bag and additional information about KAL help sessions. Prize drawings are included at the end of March.
How to Participate
Sign up
Sign up online , in person at The Studio, or by calling The Studio at 816-531-4466.

Pick your pattern
Which team will you be on? Arboreal, Dreyma, Fern & Feather, or Treysta? Choose and purchase your pattern. (All are available on Ravelry.)

Stop in The Studio to purchase or order yarn
The Studio’s shelves are loaded with yarns that will work exceptionally well for these sweaters, including:
  • Scout (Kelbourne Woolens)
  • Peace Fleece Worsted 75% Rambouillet, 25% Mohair
  • Woolstok (Blue Sky Fibers)
  • Patagonia (Juniper Moon Farm)
  • SimpliNatural (HiKoo)

Studio staff will be glad to help you choose yarn colors and quantities. They have color cards for several yarn lines. If you need to order yarn, do so by Feb. 14 to ensure that you have your yarn by March 1.

Don’t cast on till March!
You can swatch before then to determine what size needles to use, but delay casting on till the start of our KAL on March 1.
How does a KAL work?
A knit along (KAL) is a little different than a conventional class. We’re all working toward the same goal: finishing our sweaters by the end of March.

Your moderators will explain, demonstrate, and teach pattern features, such as managing colorwork and making the unusual and amazing invisible increases Jennifer’s patterns use. We’ll be available to help and answer your questions during multiple KAL sessions during the month. In addition, your fellow KAL participants will offer help and encouragement, as you will for them. A KAL is more like a team effort (and a party!) than a class. We will all be supporting and cheering each others’ progress.

Can I sign up after March 1?
The KAL runs from March 1-31. You can sign up at any time before the end of the KAL, but we will officially conclude on March 31.

Do I have to order my yarn through The Studio?
The Studio’s shelves are bulging with yarn, so you may very well be able to purchase your yarn on the spot. If you need to order, we have chosen several yarn lines that will work well for these sweaters. We will gladly help you choose colors and quantities. If you order by Feb. 14, your yarn will be available before the KAL begins. We would love for you to purchase your yarn through The Studio, but it is not a requirement of the KAL.

What tools and supplies will I need?
Please purchase the pattern you want to make and provide all other tools you will need, including needles.

What’s the big deal with Icelandic-style sweaters?
Other than that they’re gorgeous? And adaptable to suit your style, from subtle to wild? Ha ha, can you tell we’re fans? Icelandic style circular yoke sweaters fit beautifully and their construction is easy.
  • There is virtually no finishing - the sweater is constructed in one piece, so there are no seams.
  • Stranded colorwork is done in the round, so you knit every stitch. Yoke increases are cleverly concealed within design elements.
  • There is almost no purling. (Minimal purling is required for short-rows and ribbing).
  • Short-row shaping is a feature of well-designed contemporary Iceland patterns, ensuring that sweaters fit perfectly across the back and shoulders and are the right length all the way around.
  • They look way more complicated than they are. Join us to create your own beautiful Icelandic style sweater!

Need more info?
For questions about supplies, please contact The Studio at 816-531-4466.
If you have questions about the knit along, send email to Monta Morris .