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Get The Most Out Of It!
It's Your Project!
It's Your Longarming!
Get The Most Out Of Your Longarming Dollars!

Are you:
  • Looking for a longarmer and want to know what to look for in a longarmer?
  • Thinking of getting a longarm and want to know the implications?
  • Have a longarming business and need some ideas for services, tips and techniques?
  • Considering opening a longarming business and want to know the "ins-and-outs"?

Question: What do these quilters have in common? Answer: Wanting to get quality results from longarming in the most efficient way.  


Ruth shares her insights, tips, techniques, and talent in this area.  After all, "garbage in - garbage out" is not just true with data process and information systems, it also applies to quilting.


Quilters need to know how to prepare their works of art for the longarmer to get the best results. Quilters need to know how to evaluate if a longarmer is appropriate to their needs. Longarmers needs to know what to look for from the quilter. The same is true of what the quilter should look at in terms of offerings and the longarmer should look at in terms of their offerings.  

As you may know, Ruth uses audio-visual aids such as PowerPointâ„¢, videos, projected demonstrations, and demonstrations to illustrate her points. All of these will be combined in this session. 

Quilting is not an inexpensive hobby. The sewing machines and quilting tools can be an investment. Then there is the cost of the fabric, batting, backing, and binding. That doesn't even count the time, which we usually count as a labor of love.
The longarming can also be a significant investment as well. So, shouldn't you get the most out of it?  
When: 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Saturday, August 11, 2018

Where: Forever In Stitches, 120 N Main St., Suite B, Bluffton Ohio 45817.
Parking: Bluffton Village Parking Lot between Vine, Thurman, and Cherry streets behind Forever In Stitches.   
Cost: $20 in advance by phone [419.358.0656] or web-store. Cost includes one seat, refreshments, course handout. 
This will  be a seminar event: There will be limited seating to promote the dissemination of information, interaction, as well as Q&As.
Other Items: There will be subject outline handouts and refreshments. 
Just remember that it will be "sew nice to see you".
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