Meet Rabbi Moshe from Kokomo, Indiana
Sunday, February 9th
11:00 AM
at Sinai Synagogue
Judaism thriving in Kokomo? It’s true! Congregation Yeshivat Tzion in Kokomo, a young congregation, boasts about 100 converts.

The leader, Roosevelt Solomon Jr. was born in Kokomo in 1952. The son of a Baptist minister, he discovered during a trip to Israel that many of his principles aligned more closely with Judaism than with Christianity. He converted, attended Rabbinical Seminary International, became Rabbi Moshe, and then established congregation Yeshivat Tzion. Rabbi Moshe also oversees a food pantry that feeds over two hundred families a month and a prison ministry aiding Jewish men behind the walls. The congregation is primarily African American, as is Rabbi Moshe, and innovative expressions of Judaism have flourished.
Join us on February 9th, to hear more from Rabbi Moshe and meet some of his congregants. Refreshments will be served!

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