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In our society, we often judge people because of their looks, education, and their economic status. Our champions may not be on par with societal standards. Some are already in the juvenile system and have a myriad of challenges. However, I believe with all of my heart that our champions are the world-changers of this era.

Let us continue to support our champions on their path to greatness!

Thriving on,
Marie Thelusma-Chase
Community Connections Editor, BLC Executive Director
HERO OF THE MONTH Patrick Ternyila
A hero is someone who shows compassion and kindness when they didn't have to. Thank you Patrick for your dedication to the local community.

Thank you to Patrick T. and staff at Lineage Logistics for your demonstration of kindness to our champions.

Lineage Logistics is hiring young people in the Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding communities. For hiring opportunities, visit Lineage Logistics.

"Thank you Patrick very much for that wonderful food package. We definitely enjoyed it." -Paul A.
Raising up Champions - Boxwood Investment Club (BIC)
"There are two important traits you will need to accomplish any goal. First, you need to focus on positivity - thoughts, places, and people - and determination. Second, you need to let go of strong emotions that can hold you back. In the long run, letting go of anything that will hold you back can help your growth dramatically." - Anthony B., age 17, BIC member

We had several out-of-this-world guests at our BIC meetings: Jonathan Baker of Premium Merchant Funding; Wetteny Joseph, CFO of Catalent; and Shavonn Lucas, FOREX Investor. Thank you to Carmen Aldana from PNC Bank for conducting our virtual banking workshop.

"My goal is to assist people in developing, growing and most importantly, creating a legacy as they move through their financial journey.” -Carmen Aldana, Financial Sales Consultant for Organizational Financial Wellness, PNC Bank.

All of our BIC members are between ages 16 - 21.

We are seeking financial literacy sponsors so that we can continue to bring cutting-edge curriculum to our young investors. For more information, contact us at info@boxwoodnj.org.
Location: Artists before a music session at Cerebral Sound Studios, Elizabeth, NJ
Boxwood Music Studio (BMS)
Boxwood opened a music studio in Roselle Borough this year. We are excited to partner with two music producers - Sherman Chase and Jonathan Acevedo - who are helping young artists:
(1) Produce their original works,
(2) Learn about the ABCs of the music industry, and
(3) Train in music engineering.

"We are looking to build with the youth. We want to help influence a generation of movers and shakers." -Sherman Chase (music producer)

Video on left is a young artist who performed at local elderly facilities through our music program. Today, he is learning music engineering and plans to attend college to major in audio productions.
"Never Let the Future Disturb Your Peace" by Bryan Lorenzo (Boxwood graduate)
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Program Sponsors
This program is funded by the Union County Youth Services Commission through a Juvenile Detention Alternative Grant. The Union County Youth Services Commission is part of the Union County Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services.
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