Join the Kitchen Ventilation Discussion Group
with ROCIS, LBNL & Home Energy Pros

The ROCIS Initiative has a primary interest in reducing outdoor pollutants inside homes, and other spaces where we work and learn. However, our monitoring has identified significant quantities of particles generated inside the home as well. Efforts to protect a home against outdoor pollutants are limited in their impact if indoor pollutants are concentrated by closing up a home.

The most frequent indoor sources we see are  cooking emissions . We have noticed that participants who diligently use a vented range hood create fewer and smaller particle peaks while cooking. 

In collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), we have created a new Home Energy Pros group - KItchen Ventilation - for professionals and homeowners interested in discussing range hoods, pollutant removal efficiencies, cooking strategies, and other ways to reduce exposure to cooking emissions.

Berkeley Lab's  Indoor Environment Group  and  Residential Buildings Group  have been leaders in raising awareness and informing actions to reduce exposure to cooking related pollutants through effective kitchen ventilation. It is an honor to collaborate with them on this endeavor.

To join this group, first join Home Energy Pros, . Then go to , and request to join the Kitchen Ventilation group. NOTE: You can view the discussion without joining HEP or the group. 

We welcome your insights, experiences, resources, and questions in this important forum!

Thanks to The Heinz Endowments for support of the ROCIS initiative. 
(Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces)