JULY 19, 2016


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Fellow Progressive,

I’m so excited to be given the chance to rally folks around the cause for better jobs and working conditions for all Americans as the new Development Director of the Labor 411 Foundation!

I get to put my skills as a nonprofit leader, grassroots community organizer and mom to good use. Working on social justice causes is as important to me as raising my own kids, because social justice issues affect my kids. Things like public education, single payer healthcare (I got my 15 minutes of fame as the poster child for Obamacare in 2012,) and getting the 99% out from under the 1% (ugh.)

This is a dream job for me!

The mission of the Labor 411 Foundation is to ensure that the middle class survives by advocating for good jobs for everyone. We’re building an Ethical Consumer Movement that protects good American jobs by:

  1. Research - Our research team vets employers who run ethical businesses that hire union workers and pay a fair wage. We publish results in a print and online directory (www.labor411.org)
  2. Education - We empower people to use their spending power to hold employers accountable. We make information available about the history of unions and the middle class via our Facebook page and other social media, this e-newsletter, our online and print directories, and workshops and panel discussions.
  3. Advocacy – We work with elected officials to alert them of unethical employer practices and advocate for legislation that protects American workers.

You can help! Join the Ethical Consumer Movement! Donate today!

Labor 411 will be at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week, recruiting soldiers for the cause. We’ll be posting, blogging and tweeting all week. Follow us at #buyblue and #buyblueforamerica. If you’ll be there, drop by our booth. We’ll be raffling off union made candy and booze!

If you have any questions please call me at 818-884-8966 xt 1103 or email me at spike@labor411foundation.org.

Check out our website, www.labor411foundation.org!

Looking forward,

Spike Dolomite Ward
Development Director
Labor 411 Foundation