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Everywhere I go I hear Floridians crying out for freedom. Floridians are outraged, and fearful, about the overwhelming number of criminals migrating into the United States of America and the great State of Florida illegally.

Floridians know that there are serious inequities in Florida’s election laws and processes and that the 900,000 or more illegal residents living in Florida are either voting in Florida elections or will be voting in Florida elections very soon if we don’t stop the steal now. Floridians know that the woke agenda is a tool leveraged by globalists who are in the process of neutering America in an attempt to undermine our military preparedness and our pro-America, rule of law, patriotic culture thereby achieving their one world order agenda. Floridians know that the 900,000 criminals residing in Florida illegally are absorbing every category of goods and services including housing, cars, gasoline, groceries, sundries and clothing, thereby driving the cost and price of everything while household incomes lag behind the inflation rate. Illegal migrants into Florida place our citizens and our law enforcement officers at risk every day. Floridians know that America is a great nation because our culture is based on and reliant upon our Judeo-Christian foundation. The dilution of our population and our values resulting from the insertion of criminal migrants into the State of Florida effectively cancels the voice of naturally born Americans, and those who come to America legally, by injecting illegal migrants who do not share our values into American cities, counties and states.

The interests of the Florida families who built our state must supersede the interests of special interests and criminal migrants seeking entry into Florida. We must defend our borders, secure election integrity, end the woke agenda, fight against inflation and restore faith and Judeo-Christian values in our culture because failing to do so is an existential threat to America and to the freedoms Floridians are demanding. In order for the communist globalists to succeed they must secure Florida! Yes, we must Live Local and crush the forces that have stolen our freedom.

Individual responsibility is the founding principle of the concept that is America. Under the concept of America (individual responsibility) the government has no right to take money from one man and give it to another man. Yet, the order of business every day in Tallahassee is deciding who the beneficiary of taxpayer money will be. Special interests get richer by persuading legislators to distribute taxpayer money to the consumers of their products and services and by originating laws that force Floridians to buy their products. These practices exemplify the weaponization of government (woke agenda) and the routine practice of government choosing winners and losers. Legislative integrity and ethical practices must be established in Tallahassee.

I have long been perplexed by the public policy initiatives of the leadership of the trade association Florida REALTORS that celebrate double-digit appreciation of housing values and, at the same time, bemoan the pitiful affordability index of Florida’s housing market. The Live Local Act, passed into law in the 2023 legislative session and amended in the 2024 legislative session does exactly that. The Live Local Act subsidizes housing purchases in an undersupplied market, escalating the price of housing. The Live Local Act also utilizes taxpayer money to build “affordable housing” because our children and grandchildren can’t afford to rent or buy a house. Predatory legislation advanced by Florida REALTORS’ leadership, a special interest trade association that is more interested in politics than best practices, benefits from the overpriced housing market. Florida REALTORS leadership and all of the legislators that signed the Live Local Act into law intentionally fleece taxpayers by providing down payment assistance to home buyers who have no down payment while, at the same time, building affordable housing units with taxpayer money for windfall financial profits and political expediency. This is the epitome of the weaponization of government (woke agenda) against working families. The Live Local Act urbanizes the entire State of Florida. The Live Local Act is immoral. No man has the right to inflict harm on the defenseless. Working Florida families are defenseless against Florida REALTORS’ leadership and Tallahassee’s tyranny. Housing is a universally essential commodity. Every human being needs shelter. The homeless population is villainized while many well-intentioned homeless people (including veterans) die on Florida’s streets and in Florida’s woodlands. Florida REALTORS’ leadership doesn’t care. The Live Local Act literally prices housing out of the reach of median (half) household income Florida families. The Live Local Act builds apartment complexes with taxpayer money in order to mitigate the problem Florida REALTORS’ leadership, the real estate development community and Florida legislators created. The Live Local Act is shameful and should be criminal. The Live Local Act must be repealed.

Freedom comes with responsibility. Every man is required by G-d to govern himself. Every man governing himself is the standard in America. Every man governing himself is a Judeo-Christian premise and ideology. The next plateau of governance is local governance; municipalities and counties. At the time of America’s founding the thirteen colonies (states) created the federal government. The federal government did not create the states. In Florida, cities and counties apply to the state for incorporation. The State of Florida has authority over the cities and counties. Still, government is best when it is close to the people. Citizens can much more easily contact a city councilman or county commissioner than citizens can contact the Governor’s office. This is why local communities have State Representatives and State Senators. State Representatives are charged with the responsibility of representing their constituents in Tallahassee. (In too many cases State Representatives represent the state government’s interests and the interests of special interests.) One of the most important functions of local government is land use planning. Hopefully, everyone agrees that local citizens better understand their communities and the needs and desires of local people better than state government, located far away and typically unavailable, does. Given the foundational concept of governance close to the people, know that The Live Local Act usurps the authority (and therefore the responsibility) of city councils and county commissions over the approval and placement of affordable housing projects in each and every city and county in Florida. The Florida legislature, along with their special interest overlords, authoritatively stripped the authority and responsibility for land use and zoning regulations associated with affordable housing projects away from city councils and county commissions.

This is an In Your Face Example of freedom (sovereignty) being stolen from Floridians by Florida’s state legislators and their overlords. All of this is happening because the administrative state is cooperating with the international globalist movement to take over America by replacement; replacing natural-born citizens and immigrants who legally migrated to America with criminal migrants who are in America illegally, are dependent on government for their sustenance and are, therefore, effectively slave labor. After all, America’s competitors have the advantage of slave labor so, therefore, the American industrial complex must also have access to slave labor in order to be competitive. This is why the Florida legislature and Florida’s Governor, under the direction of their overlords, signed the Live Local Act into law in 2023. It is imperative to restore local rule by repealing the Live Local Act. To leave the Live Local Act on the books is to surrender Floridians’ freedom to an authoritarian state government in Tallahassee. I find this to be an undeniable truth and absolutely unacceptable.

Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All is unachievable in every economy in which the government has its’ thumb on the economic scale, choosing winners and losers. Governments are taxing authorities. Taxing authorities have the right to take citizens’ money. Corrupt governments redistribute wealth. The Live Local Act is only one example of the devastating consequences of immoral legislation and regulation. Help me repeal the Live Local Act. Then, we will be on to the next battle, stripping Florida of immoral laws and regulatory abuses and delivering freedom and liberty for every legitimate Floridian thereby delivering a free nation and a free State of Florida to our children and grandchildren.

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