We thank you for showing interest in diversity efforts and events in the Northern Colorado area. As Heart and Sol of Loveland our group is made up of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and allies who look to promote ethnic and cultural diversity in the Loveland community, with partnerships throughout Northern Colorado. We look to inspire conversations and influence local change by engaging with individuals, organizations and community resources. Our goal is to support, celebrate, and embrace cultural richness for our community.

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Loveland Townhall
Please email join@storieswithoutborders.org for the Zoom invite.

Stories Without Borders, in partnership with Heart & Sol of Loveland, will be hosting the next Listening Session this Sunday, March 14th, in rapid response to the most recent City Council study session with The Gemini Group.

This Listening Session will look similar to our past events, with a few modifications:
* The bulk of our time together will be dedicated to the reactions, stories, and comments from our BIPOC community members.
* There will be a set amount of time reserved for those who identify as white to also voice their reactions. Outside of that time, questions and comments can be shared via the chat function on Zoom.
*If you identify as a person of color, and are moved to share, please feel free to do so with or without video. If you wish to share, but are uncomfortable in any way, you are invited to email your experience to join@storieswithoutborders.org and a moderator will read it for you.
* If you identify as white, you are invited to join with your camera and microphone off. If you want to speak during the allotted time, please let us know.
* This event will be recorded. We have not recorded in the past, but feel it will be a great opportunity for our City Council to be able to watch and listen if they are not able to join.

To join the meeting:
Please email join@storieswithoutborders.org to receive the Zoom invite.
City Council
This quickly coordinated townhall is in response to the City Council Study Session that was held on Tuesday. Below is a link to watch the recording of the meeting and what was included in the agenda. If you are home on a snowy day, it's the perfect time to review it in preparation for the town hall tomorrow.

(presenter: Justine Bruno and Julia Holland)
At the request of City Council, a presentation of the City diversity, equity, and inclusion practices has been undertaken. In addition to the staff analysis, a summary of City Council's desired objectives for the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion was also pursued. To assist with the identification of City Council objectives on these topics, staff enlisted an equity consultant, the Gemini Group, to learn City Council attitudes, beliefs, and interests on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This presentation will provide an overview of demographic data, employee data, and a summary of City policies and programs, including a comparison to neighboring communities practices. The Gemini Group will present their findings and recommended next steps to consider advancing equity in City of Loveland policies, programs, and services. With this presentation, staff seeks direction from City Council on any additional actions for the City to take in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the community.
Information Only
Our team and our partnerships continue growing and we'd love for you to join us! Our planning meeting went great and we'll soon be sharing with everyone our 2021 goals. If you've considered joining us in the past or are looking for a way to get involved in the community, it's not too late to join us!

What does BIPOC mean?
BIPOC is an acronym that has quickly gained popularity to reference "Black, Indigenous and People of Color".
We appreciate your continued support and are always looking for new members! Join one of our meetings, follow us on social media, volunteer, donate or reach out for information.
We hope to see you soon!

Heart and Sol