Alexander the Great

Join us for two events with renowned authors, Robin and Kathryn Waterfield, which focus on Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia and conqueror of the Persian Empire and beyond. 

"The Successors of Alexander: 
Tears of Iron:  Olympias after the Death of Alexander the Great"

A lecture by Robin Waterifeld, author of Dividing the Spoils: The War for Alexander the Great's Empire

Robin Waterfield was born in England in 1952 and received a traditional British private education, which at least instilled in him a 
lifelong love for the classics, especially Greek. This love blossomed at Manchester University (1971-4), where he took the classics prizes in 1972 and 1973, and later completed his PhD on Plato's Philebus at Cambridge.  After teaching assignments for one-year in the classics department at Newcastle University and three years at St. Andrews University, from 1982 to present Robin has translated from ancient Greek over twenty books on topics ranging from Plato to Xenophon to Euripides.  He has authored eight books, appeared in the expanded version of BBC2's 2010 production "Ancient Worlds," and is co-editor with Richard Alston of the Oxford University Press series "Ancient Warfare and Civilization." More at: 
In 2005 he chose to leave Britain for sunnier climes. He now lives with his wife Kathryn and two cats in the rural far south of Greece, where as well as writing they have a small olive farm, producing organic olive oil.  After the olive harvests, he and Kathryn recently co-authored two books:  The Greek Myths:  Stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes Vividly Retold and the children's book, Who was Alexander the Great?    

Thursday, June 23, 6:30 pm
2221 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

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Who Was Alexander the Great?
Looking for a great kid-friendly event? Meet Kathryn and  Robin Waterfield , authors of  Who Was Alexander the Great? , the latest release in the best-selling  Who Was...? young reader's history book series. The Waterfields will talk about Alexander the Great and his world, answer questions, and sign copies of their book. This event is recommended for families with children ages five to 12. Make sure your little Greek heroes, gods, and goddesses are dressed for the costume contest to follow! Free event, courtesy of The National Hellenic Society.  Click for more information!

Saturday, June 25, 
1145  17th Street NW
Washington, DC

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