January 11, 2021
Join the Team!
For & About Children
Faith at Home
We All Have a Job to Do

Parents, you'll like the lesson this week. One of the activities has you setting a timer for 10 minutes and having everyone in the home go as quickly as possible to complete a task in the house, such as make a bed, empty the trash etc.

In chapter 12 of 1 Corinthians we learn that we all have special gifts and the group as a whole can't do as well without all of us. This is true if it's a sports team, the family, or the church.

What is your job in the church? In what way are you a part of the body? How about your children? Do they feel part of the church and that they have an important job to do?

I have a special job for them if they could spare a few minutes. Our deacons are making valentine bags for our seniors and we would like the children to make valentines for them. We need 45 but we could use as many as we can get. It would be fun to have several valentines in each bag.

Many of our seniors have been in lockdowns for the past 10 months, deprived of friends, family, and other visitors. A few minutes making some valentines would let them know we care and would give children the feel-good feeling that comes with doing something for others. It will also let them know that they are important to our church community as well.

You can get fancy and use colored paper and decorations if you have them, but simple copy paper, perhaps cut in a heart, with a special message and colored works just as well.

If you can help, let Carol know at cboyce@boxp.net and we'll arrange the pickup.
Faith Together at Home for this week. (Click here for this week's family lesson.)

We are the Church - See children in a church singing this old favorite.

Bible Stories for Kids - One Body, Many Parts, based on 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27. Watch as they illustrate this with Mr. Potato Head. Fun!
Tunes & Tales

We continue our January winter stories this week with Snip, Snip...SNOW! Sophie wants snow, but the weather isn't cooperating. Find out what happens when they make snow at school. (Have a couple of pieces of copy paper and scissors ready if you would like to make some snow.) We'll be singing some of the songs we've learned too.

Carol Boyce is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting AT 9:00 am on THURSDAY, January 14.
Gather Round

TIME: Wednesday, January 13, at 7:00 pm.

FOR: Kindergartners - Third Graders (or anyone that just likes a good story).

WHAT: The Penderwicks have just begun to explore the adventures waiting for them at Arundel Hall. Who is the boy in the window? And who is Mrs. Tifton? And where will the tunnel through the hedge lead? Come with us, the Penderwicks, and Hound as they enjoy their new surroundings.

ENJOY: Enjoy talking to and keeping up with your church friends. We look forward to seeing you!
You are Part of the Team & We Need You!
Deacons in our church are putting together special Valentine bags for our seniors and they would love to have children make valentines to add to the bags.

Many of our seniors have been in their homes for many months without much contact from friends, family, or church. Help us show them you care. Would you make a valentine or two for them? We need about 45 but can use many more as that just means we'll have more love to go around.

Email Mrs. Boyce at cboyce@boxp.net if you can help and I'll arrange with you how to get your valentines.

You will make some seniors very happy!
Coffee & Cocoa - a Great Success!

We had close to 30 people at our Coffee and Cocoa on Saturday. We had a great time visiting with friends, playing in the snow, and sharing hot cocoa, coffee and snacks. The sun even came out for the one day out of the last 14 and helped keep us warm. It was generally agreed we'd like to try it again so stay tuned for the next outdoor adventure.
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