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Message from the Interim Chair

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.”

- Roy T. Bennett,  The Light in the Heart
I am listening. While I have had the privilege to connect with many of you already, I hope to meet with many more over the coming months. A great opportunity to listen and be heard is at our Departmental Assembly on November 8. Our talented team is working hard to prepare an event to excite, inspire and encourage you to actively participate in our Department's vision and direction. Please join us. All residents, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend, and your input is necessary to our success. If you're away or unavailable, please connect with me to meet - you can even check out our new Chair's Room, decorated with artwork created by DFM staff and my Research Team!
I am also thrilled to announce that Kim Rozon has been selected as the 2019 Recipient of the Faculty of Medicine Outstanding Service Award for Support Staff . Congratulations, Kim! She will be presented with her award at the Faculty Gala on October 5, and will be cheered on by a large contingent from Family Medicine! 
An Interview with Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar, Recipient of the W. Dale Daupinee Fellowship

The DFM's Dr. Parisa Rezaiefar, a clinician-teacher at the Bruyère Academic Family Health Team, is the 2019 recipient of the Medical Council of Canada's W. Dale Dauphinee Fellowship, which supports medical educators to enhance their knowledge and skills in physician assessment. Find out about her path and plans for the fellowship, and her advice to our faculty and residents.
Resident Retreat: Getting Offline and Making Connections!

Over 120 Family Medicine residents rose with the dawn to make the hour long drive out to St. Brigid's Summer Camp in Low, QC on September 13, 2019. They formed a caravan navigating the winding roads of western Quebec, driving through the forests and rocky escarpments of Gatineau Park, alongside quarries and riverbeds widened by this year's floods, eventually arriving at the shore of Lake Manitou, where retreat volunteers and St. Brigid's staff were waiting to welcome them. 
The Faculty of Medicine Clinical Researcher of the Year:
Dr. Clare Liddy

This award is presented to a clinical investigator who has earned distinction for his or her unit and Faculty as a result of the importance and exceptional characteristics of his or her research work. Dr. Liddy will be presented with her award at the Faculty Gala on October 5, along with the DFM's Kim Rozon.
Call for Nominations! Faculty of Medicine Awards in Education

PGME will be presenting awards at the upcoming Faculty of Medicine Awards ceremony. Awards will be presented to our faculty and residents who demonstrate the competencies, skills, and knowledge identified by the CanMEDS roles. We invite trainees, faculty members and staff to nominate a faculty member or trainee who most exemplifies these competencies. Submit your nomination online by October 18 . For more information, contact Jodee Kent at 613-562-5800 ext. 7613 or
Dr. David Ponka appointed as Director of Besrour Centre

Congratulations to the DFM's Dr. David Ponka, who has been named as the new Director of the Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the CFPC.
Medical Teachers: Keep a short "Sim" in your back pocket

By: Dr. Eric Wooltorton

Medical educators are always looking for fun and simple ways to ‘liven-up” bedside or classroom teaching. Want to make your teaching more engaging, and learning more meaningful and interesting (for everyone involved!)? Why not add a simple hands-on “Sim” exercise to your bedside or classroom teaching?
Family Doctor Turned Writer:
A True Story
By: Dr. Liezl Duff

People say, “the beginning is always the hardest part.”

This quote has proven true many times in my life: the time I played guitar, the time I rode a bicycle, the time I traveled alone, the first day of medical school, the first patient in the emergency room, the first 24-hour duty in the hospital, the first winter in Canada and the first time I tried medical writing. 

My name is Liezl Duff and I am a doctor turned writer. 
What are Ontario Health Teams?

By: Dr. William Hogg

A major change to the way health services are organized is underway in Ontario. Eventually, the entire province will be divided into Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) each serving around 300,000 people. The focus of Ontario Health Teams is on integration and coordination of care across health care sectors. The government clearly recognizes the importance of primary care and requires each OHT to have strong primary care leadership and engagement.
Helpful Reports for Faculty in eField Notes

Our eField Note system includes several reports that can help our teachers learn from their own behaviors while helping residents improve performance. We all know how to add information to the database, but there are many analytics we can pull from it as well. Our eField Note guru, Marisa Duval , has created a guide to two reporting tools that faculty may find useful:

  1. Comments and Plans for Next Steps (organised by field note)
  2. Field Notes SignOff Reminder
New Module added to the TiPS Toolkit

In response to many enquiries from Family Medicine residents, Health Force Ontario has added a new module to the Transition into Practice (TiPS) Toolkit , entitled, Taking Over a Family Practice: Joining a Group Patient Enrollment Model .
Read more for updates from the Undergraduate Program, Postgraduate Program and Faculty Development.
Join us for Research Grand Rounds on September 26 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am featuring Dr. Kamila Premji and Dr. Doug Manuel. View the Poster.

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