Join the conversation with Olympic legends about the importance of swim lessons!

For much of 2020, learn to swim lessons were cancelled as public health leaders, policymakers, and community members considered how best to navigate the challenges of COVID-19. Unfortunately, that led to an increased drowning risk as children lost out on learning a valuable skill and fewer trained lifeguards were available. USA Swimming is partnering with Phillips 66 for our 47th year of working to improve water safety, this year specifically calling for pools to open and remain open throughout the fall and winter to allow for learn to swim programs. We believe that Saving Lives is Always in Season. Join this important conversation with a legendary panel of former Olympic swimmers to discuss why year-round swim lessons are critical to saving children’s lives; how pool closures have put children at more risk; and with outdoor pools closing for the season, how swim lessons can be conducted in indoor pools safely with COVID-19 measures in place. REGISTER HERE
13 Weird Objects That Have Been Found in the Pool

Picture this: you’re swimming along during practice minding your own business when suddenly, you become entangled in a web of an unidentified object floating by. You have no idea where it came from and thrash around trying to free yourself from the big hairy monster. Such is life for a swimmer. Weird objects are always found in pools, no matter the location. Swimming World asked some athletes what the weirdest things they’ve seen in the pool were. Here are 13 of their responses. Feel free to add your sightings in the comments. Read it.
Pool drowning deaths of under-fives decrease by 50 per cent

Drowning deaths of under-fives in swimming pools were down a dramatic 50 per cent (six drowning deaths compared to 12 in the previous year) according to new data from the RLS in their National Drowning Report 2020.
In all locations, under-five drowning deaths decreased by 52 per cent on 10-year average (12 this year compared to the 10-year average of 25) and a 37 per cent decrease on last year’s number (19). Read it.
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Water evaporation is a major culprit contributing to a swimming pool's high energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, "Swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss. Hands down, the best way to reduce energy bills is by covering pools when they are not in use with an edge to edge insulated cover.  Read it.
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Join Diversity in Aquatics for a discussion with leading aquatics professionals about the past, present, and future of aquatics programs at HBCUs.

Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) have been a vital part of the black community in the United States and across the world, providing educational and professional opportunities for the community, as well as enhancing their overall quality of life. HBCUs have a rich history in aquatics, including learn-to-swim programs and competitive swimming, but over the years aquatics has been excluded from the HBCU experience. During this webinar, we will discuss the importance of implementing aquatic programming at HBCU and the potential that HBCUs have in truly addressing the significant disparities in the black community. Register Here.
Five Internal Surveys That Boost Staff Satisfaction

Many of us survey our members to some extent, and that's a good thing. The more direct feedback we get from members, the more we can meet and exceed their needs. What if I told you that doing the same thing with your staff is equally important — if not moreso? If you want members to have a great experience, you must ensure your staff also has a great experience. It's time to stop guessing and start asking if your staff is happy. Read it.
New Manikin allows start to finish Lifeguard Training

The Ruth Lee Pool Rescue manikin is already transforming lifeguard training around the world. It allows a trainee to complete a simulated rescue, from start to finish, without needing to switch between different equipment and live volunteer casualties. Perfect for post-COVID training!  From deep-water recovery and towing, to assisted lifts and using a rescue board, the Pool Rescue manikin allows a trainee to learn essential skills while minimizing person-to-person contact. Read it.
Coast Guard Urges Use Of Life Jackets Following Tragic Tahoe Drowning

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13/AP) — A woman drowned after falling off a boat carrying six children on Lake Tahoe and a man who jumped off the boat to try to rescue her had to be hospitalized for severe hypothermia on Friday evening, according to the United States Coast Guard – Lake Tahoe Station. Read it.
Registration is open for the 2021 AOAP Conference and Exposition and the 2021 Diversity in Aquatics Convention

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10 Tips for Managers Leading Through Challenging Times

As we continue to navigate the profound impact of COVID-19, employees across all industries are juggling personal demands while trying to keep up with work. During these uncertain times, managers play a significant role in looking out for their team, understanding unique personal circumstances, and creating an open and supportive environment. Read it.
HydroApps Where Aquatic Management Meets Life

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AOAP Supports the Social Justice Thread! Sign on and assist us today!

The purpose of the Social Justice Tread is to encourage participants to become advocates for social change and to discuss racial injustices. Such injustices are inclusive of the drowning disparity in the United States and throughout the world.

-75% of funds raised by Tread-A-Thon's® go to your organization and the remaining 25% of the funds are donated to the International Water Safety Foundation and Diversity In Aquatics to help in their efforts of curving drowning and increasing equality-

*Teams also have the option to donate 100% of the proceeds. View Now.
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Virtual Mentoring Best Practices for Remote Employees

Being remote or unable to engage your mentor or mentee in-person is no reason to halt your mentoring relationship. Whether your connection is always remote or you’re forced to engage virtually due to travel, health concerns, or otherwise, it’s crucial to keep mentoring consistent and productive. Read it.
10 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Crisis

It’s tough to know how to help during this coronavirus pandemic. You may find that you have more time on your hands right now than ever. You might even be out of work with nothing to do and nowhere to go. At the same time, the news is currently full of stories about people who are struggling all over in many ways. It’s easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused about how you can help. Read it.
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