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Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

One of the reasons I share about myself in these letters is the same reason I shared with Members in the meetings years ago when I was a Leader. I always share my setbacks so you know I have experienced what you are--hoping you don’t have to experience every setback yourself. I also shared the skills I learned through my years to overcome obstacles and maybe you recognize a similarity to some obstacle in your way and by knowing other people do too, (like me) you’ve learned to move past it.

I’m so glad today’s Members aren’t interested in ‘dieting.’ It has taken many of us decades to learn we needed the accountability, the safe space to say, “I didn’t do well this week,” and the constant interaction of shared success. Every part of weight loss and maintaining weight loss has a different lesson to learn. Then as our lives change, there are continued lessons.

Thankfully, our workshops are like a living organism. Always changing with the variables of time of year, upcoming holidays, vacations, and our stations in life. The good news is there is usually someone at every workshop that is just a step or two ahead of you. Often our Coach has been there, and done that, but sometimes it's another Member’s sharing that resonates with us and makes us realize, I’m not in this alone.

Sharing at workshops is part of the power. For me, it was the one time I might say some things aloud. Saying it aloud made it more real to me, saying it aloud made me more prone to carry through with my intentions of getting around any particular obstacle.

For me, even the accountability at the scale is because it is shared with that one other person, the Guide or Coach checking me in today. That’s the moment that makes the number real to me. It’s the moment when I know this next week is weight-loss mode or maintenance mode. It’s the feedback I need to keep off the 94 pounds of extra me. 

It was so good seeing you last week at the workshops I visited. Even in today’s busy, high-tech world, there’s a lot of power and a little magic in the Weight Watchers workshop and it is available to each of us every week.

Have a great week WW friend,

WW Philadelphia

General Manager

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three fast facts

self-blame vs. compassion

self-compassion is

an antidote to self-blame and criticism

Self-compassion–being kind to yourself—can help you break the cycle of self-blame. Self-compassion can include affirming your feelings, prioritizing self-care, accepting your mistakes, or giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. Allowing yourself the freedom to be imperfect, human.

The first element of self-compassion is to acknowledge that you're struggling (perhaps feeling like a failure, feeling overwhelmed, or tired) and recognize that everyone struggles; no one is perfect or has it all together. Please read on...

0/ 1 changing your critical self-talk

When you notice that you're being hard on yourself, take a few moments to write down exactly what your self-critical voice is saying.

  • Next, try to respond to it in a positive and caring way–like something you'd say to a friend. Here's an example of how Mary criticizes and responds to her self-blame:

Self-critical voice: "You have no self-control. Why did you even start on the cookies-you could have avoided them. You should have known you ate too many. Now your whole plan is blown! You're never going to lose weight."

Compassionate response: "I know you want to stay on plan. One mistake doesn't mean you can't leave it behind, don't look back and continue on your healthy journey! You know it's easy with Weight Watchers ZeroPoints foods helping you fill in with healthy foods!

0/ 2 write a compassionate letter to yourself

Imagine that you have a friend who loves you unconditionally, forgives you and knows all your strengths and weaknesses, including everything you've failed at, feel ashamed of, and don't like about yourself.

Now, write a letter to yourself from your friend, focusing on the things you tend to judge yourself harshly about.

  • What would this friend say to you about you eating the cookies at the party that you are punishing yourself over?
  • How would this friend convey the compassion he/she feels for you, especially for the pain you feel when you judge yourself so harshly?
  • What would this friend write in order to remind you that you are only human, and nothing is blown except a day in the past?
  • And if you think this friend would suggest something like re-wind. You can look forward not behind you, how would these suggestions embody feelings of unconditional understanding and compassion?

0/ 3 soothe yourself

with a loving touch

You can also calm and soothe yourself through loving touch.

Physical touch is a powerful therapeutic tool. It releases oxytocin, the love hormone, which promotes feelings of calm, trust, safety, and connectedness; and it reduces the stress hormone cortisol that's released when we are blamed or criticized by ourselves or others.

So, giving yourself a hug or sharing one with someone who loves you, actually changes your body's chemistry (increasing oxytocin and decreasing cortisol). It's a simple yet effective way to comfort yourself.

Practicing self-compassion regularly, such as the ones above, can help you break the self-blame cycle and restore your sense of value.

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back to that summer countdown

swimsuits? have no fear you got this!

Swimsuits are available in so many ranges and styles that when looking for swimsuits that flatter, we need to consider what style we like best and what will help us to feel the most comfortable. When we're in the dressing room, bend, sit, reach and stretch while in the suit before you buy it and wear it the first time.

We need to remember when we're peering microscopically at every inch of our body, no one at the pool or on the beach will be looking at us as critically as we do ourselves–(there's that self-compassion thing rearing its ugly little head).

People compliment us on the color, print, and style of the suit, but never the width of the strap! Here are some terrific tips for all of us!

0 /1 Remind yourself while shopping for a swimsuit that you deserve something of quality that you feel good in; don't settle for less.

0 /2 Shop for your body type. Not all bodies are alike—your figure may be an applepearhourglass, etc. Figure out which part of your body you want to accent most.

Try wearing brighter colors on areas you want to emphasize, and darker colors on areas you want to de-emphasize.

0 /3 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Cover-ups are so in-style no matter what your size! Sheer kimonos, matching cover-ups, butterfly dresses, feminine crochets, and tunics are making it big at the shore this year! Glam it up with a touch of metallic trim! Go Hollywood with a huge pair of sunglasses and finish your look from the top (that stylish and so important sun hat to pull it all together), and matching sandals! Wow!

0 /4 Don't fear the bikini. New styles geared towards plus-size women are hitting the market. They include flattering high-waisted bottoms and plenty of support for your chest. Your body is beautiful and you are not required to cover it up. But cover-ups are gorgeous this year!

You can also buy the top and bottom of your bikini in different sizes if needed.

0 /5 Find your body accent. Strut your stuff and show off your favorite parts of your body. If you want to show off your chest more, wear a lower-cut swimsuit with a longer hip side. If you want to cover your chest, find a high-necked swimsuit, or something with a sheerer fabric and cut above a regular neckline.

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the WW 4 pillars of weight loss success

weekly we cover one of the 4 pillars:

• foodeat what you love and lose

• activity–make it fun; change it up

mindset –positivity; compassion

sleep –Get your 8 plus a nap

we’re sharing stay-on-track strategies to help you succeed on WW.

food: learn more >

rethinking how you view exercise can make exercise more fun.

activity: learn more >

turn setbacks into a fresh start. delete the word "failure" from your brain.

mindset: learn more>

catch more zzz's with the following strategies, all supported by science.

sleep: learn more>

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points-friendly takes on your restaurant faves

Recreate your go-to menu items at home and save on Points, too.

When you feel like a

Burger King

bacon cheeseburger

When you feel like an

Outback Steakhouse

bloomin’ onion

When you feel like a 

P.F. Chang’s


When you feel like a 

Pizza Hut

pepperoni pizza

When you feel like a 

Red Lobster


When you feel like 


beef chili 

When you feel like a 

Dunkin' or Starbucks


When you feel like 


broccoli and cheddar soup

When you feel like a 

Taco Bell

spicy loaded taco

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