We are happy to announce that World ATM, Inc., Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA), and the team that hosted nine successful World ATM Congress events are returning to Madrid in September 2023 to bring you;

Airspace Integration (AI), an event by the Industry, for the Industry, will be held at IFEMA in Madrid, Spain, and have global reach. Anyone interested in the growth/management of traditional aviation (general and commercial aviation, commercial space), military/civil cooperation/integration, and integration of new technologies and users (AAM, UAM, drones, autonomous vehicles, etc.) into the airspace will want to attend this event. Expecting +4000 attendees and 120 exhibitors and sponsors at AI’s inaugural launch, we invite everyone from ANSPs to all stakeholders in the aviation industry to exhibit, sponsor, or attend this new and exciting event that will focus on:

  • Maximize safety as we transition and integrate
  • Support all airspace users having equitable and productive access to, and support within the airspace
  • Understand the tools, technologies, human capital, and regulatory needs to transition and advance
  • Support understanding and collaboration between traditional aviation industry/regulators, military, and new entrants/non-industry sectors
  • Promote societal benefits, acceptance, and adoption of new services and systems

AI will feature a 14,000 sq. meter exhibit hall, which will also host: meeting space, networking areas, receptions, and multiple theatres, encouraging knowledge exchanges and close collaboration among industry attendees and exhibitors. 

To support real-world applications of technologies, Airspace Integration is co-locating with the Expodrónica Air Show, where live advanced air mobility and drone demonstrations are scheduled for the week of September 25th, 2023, at Cuatro Vientos Airport. 

We hope to have you back with us in Madrid!

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