Join this SAFER 3 Cheer Challenge and
We want to invite you and your family to join us on this
SAFER 3 Cheer Challenge! Learn the SAFER 3 cheer, send us your video and you will enter the drawing to win a month of FREE swim lessons! Watch this video to learn it and send us your videos before May 13 to or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @ocaquatics #ocaquatics #SAFER3challenge
Winner will be announced on Friday, May 15, 2020! Have FUN!
ACTIVITY OF THE DAY: Water Safety for Kids
Families have always played a vital role in teaching kids how important it is to learn to swim and behave safely in and around the water. That's even more true today when most schools, swim clubs and recreation centers are closed. 
The Red Cross wants to help parents, caregivers and kids to learn and share water safety knowledge and skills together. If your child isn’t able to take formal swim lessons right now, you can still help them learn to be safer around backyard pools, ponds or other natural bodies of water. We hope your family enjoys a safe, healthy and fun summer! For today, we want you to watch the FIRST video of Long Fellow Whale Tales, and print out the activities to do with your children according to heir age! Click HERE or on the images for these fun activities.

During the month of May, we will share important water safety messages across our social media channels and we want to encourage our followers to “Donate their Social Media” to the cause by SHARING the posts (no money donations, just share it). The goal is to reach as many local families as possible, and ultimately, SAVE children’s lives.
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