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This Sunday begins the holiest week in our Christian calendar as we walk with our Master Jesus as he transitions from his earthly journey. We have services every day this week (see schedule below) on Zoom. We begin with his Entrance into Jerusalem. We won’t be reading the Passion Gospel as often happens when we have services in the church. That will happen on Good Friday (where it belongs!) If you’ve never experienced a full Holy Week, now is the time. We hope you will join us. 

Holy Week Schedule

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Aloha Friends,

These days I’ve noticed I’ve become very sensitive to the news and also television shows that lean on being dark or depressing. I can’t even watch my favorite news program host as her entire show, like all of them, is about the virus. I tried a couple of new Netflix shows that I heard about — Freud and Tiger King. I barely made it through one episode of each of them. Way too dark. I’ve loved watching Morgan Freeman’s Story of God (Netflix) and I’m now on my second go-around. And yesterday, I went on the Youtube channel and watched one of my comfort movies, The Shift.
The Shift is a docudrama worth watching even though at times it is a little overacted. It’s essentially the teaching of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. If you have followed Dr. Dyer, you know that he made a shift from writing best selling self-improvement books to writing about spirituality. His books came out of the personal shift in his own consciousness. There are two quotes that capture the movie’s intention. The first one begins the movie. It is from Dr. Carl Jung:

Thoroughly unprepared we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take the step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie. 

We’re all probably going through a shift right now. If we haven’t taken the step already into the afternoon of life, we’re being shoved into it now. Everything that seemed to provide stability is now questionable. Perhaps it always was, we just didn’t have to confront it before. For those of us who like routines (me!), we’re probably feeling very unsettled. And the unknowing is a huge challenge. We have to be careful not to let our imagination run amok. 
Shifts call us to think about where our life is at the moment and where we want it to go. In the last few days, I’ve heard comments like, “This shutdown has allowed me to spend more time with my kids,” and “I realized how tired I was,” and “I admit, I’m enjoying the quiet.”

The second quote in the movie that calls for some reflection is the last line of Leo Tolstoy’s novella, “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.” If you remember the story, Ivan says on his deathbed, “What if my whole life has been wrong?” Shifts call us to think about the “boxes” we might want to break out of that have limited the joy of life. While they might not be totally wrong, maybe there is more of life to experience.

This may sound a little odd, but I’m thinking about breaking out of the “what a 66-year-old woman priest is supposed to look like” box and add some purple to my haircolor. My great grandmother always dyed her hair a purple tint. She smoked cigars and she was a mean poker player. When she stopped doing all those things, she died. I’ll pass on the cigars. 

“Safe” is the big word right now. I understand that staying at home and social distancing when going out for essentials is a good thing for my own safety and for others, but I want to make sure that “safe” doesn’t take over my mind and my consciousness. I’ve been in that box before and I know how it can affect life. “Safe” often has a big fear connection. 

So those are the things I’m thinking about since I have more time to think. I’m looking forward to Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. My hope as I do the Holy Week walk again is for more clarity about the shift that is happening to not only me but all of us and our world.

As always, your thoughts. Blessings for a peaceful and insightful Holy Week.

In our Master’s love,
Pastor Gae+

P.S., If you too are resisting the news and dark TV shows, here’s the link to TheShift
I have compiled some reflection questions about the movie. If you are interested, email me!

 The Story of God with Morgan Freeman
On Netflix

This is what Pastor Gae is watching while in this time of social distancing. It explores the spiritual beliefs of different cultures and religions. The good news is that there are three seasons! If anyone is interested in a little Zoom study group to discuss 1-2 episodes at a time, please let Pastor Gae know. 


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Feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now? Although we have been instructed to not leave our homes except for essentials or specific work, on your way you might drop in to Christ Memorial for a moment of peace and quiet. Or walk the labyrinth (exercise is allowed!)

If you want Pastor Gae and our prayer team to pray for you or someone you love, please note on the podium as you walk in.  

Live off island? If you have a prayer intention or would like to pray for those on our prayer list, email Pastor Gae at .


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