April 20th Virtual 3-5pm Co-Sponsored by
Let Keynote Speaker Tina H. Boogren, Ph.D. Be Your Advocate!
Tina H. Boogren is a fierce advocate for educators, particularly for their well-being. She is the author of numerous books centered around her passion areas of quality instruction, coaching, mentoring, and wellness and hosts the weekly podcast “Self-Care for Educators with Dr. Tina H. Boogren.” She lives in Denver, Colorado.
Tina Boogren’s Books listed below are eligible for a 30% discount & free shipping in the US with the code; NJ30 applied at checkout. The discount code will be honored April 6-May 4.

The discount applies to hard copy books only, and does not apply to any books within kits, or on the Marzano Research website. Use the Solution Tree website only to order the books. Questions email Andrea Bucci Hulse.
Focus on Your Well-Being with the Panelists
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