Business Planning 2016


Are you a Business Owner?  
Always trying to get the best value inside the business?
Trying to keep taxes as low as possible?
Wanting to make life more manageable?

What's your burning question about money? 
What most concerns you about preparing for your future?

Please send me your inquiries, and we'll feature these in future editions of the Monthly Minute.

This month I focus on strategies to help you get the most financial benefit from your Business. 

I will also be adding a new section "Better Business Blurb" as a regular feature in the Monthly Minute. It will provide additional tips, links and ideas to help Business Owners plan for the future.  This month I will share a few tips and links to help you succeed in business. Here's a sample of the many ideas to come. 
  • Estate Maximization For Business Owners
  • Retirement Income Strategies for Business Owners
  • Funding Your Retirement Dreams - Proven Steps to Put you on Track
  • Benefits options to save you money
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Business Owners:  
Want to withdraw money from the corporation tax free to pass along to your heirs?

Check out this video presentation.  With regulatory changes coming soon, it's important to review your options now.  

Wealth Matters: Business Owners Take Notice.

Recent Wealth Matters Webcast featured Retirement Income Strategies for Business Owners.

Have you considered the best Cashflow strategies for your retirement?  Creating an income stream for life, means thinking about maximum after-tax income.  This webcast helps to identify a few.  Such as Salary vs. Dividend, IPP's and more. 

Market Update 

There is continued discussion on the 
fluctuations in the Canadian dollar compared to its U.S. counterpart.  Click here for more information on currency volatility and market outlooks.

5 ways to plug the money leaks!

"Money Leaks" can add up to some big bucks over time. Heather Keeling shares five ways to find some of your missing money. click here

Don't forget to RSVP to "Funding Your Retirement Dreams" and learn how to manage your cash flow and prevent those bad habits. Details Below  
Funding Your Retirement Dreams!
  • You make a good living, but want more to show for it.
  • You are approaching retirement and you want more life from your money.
Thursday, September 22, 2016.
6:30 to 9:00pm
Oak Ridges Retirement Community
Helping couples retire to the life they want!
This interactive workshop will provide Proven Strategies to better manage Cashflow, and to ensure you're on Track for the Lifestyle you want.   
Join me!  
To secure your seat, RSVP to

Join Us at the Many Events this Month:
Sept. 16:  Women in Business Networking. Make sure to join. I will share unique cash flow tips catered to you. Click here . Complimentary event to chamber members. 
Sept. 27:  Portraits of Giving. We are excited to be  a sponsor in the 2016 exhibition!
More information click here 
Sept. 29:  Entrepreneurs in Residence. 4 Richmond Hill Entrepreneurs will be discussing their journey as an Entrepreneur.  Join us, to learn and be inspired. Click Here
Seeking Advice and what I offer

Financial Planning is imperative to the success of your business. How Can I help?

  1. By better understanding your priorities, it allows you to focus on what's needed.
  2. With more than 20 years experience working with business owner  in varying industries, and owning a business myself, I understand the challenges and can help you execute strategies to streamlife these priorities.
  3. Access to Legal and Financial contacts to assist in all areas of your business
  4. A focus on Cash flow to better manage both business and personal decisions.
  5. Providing a Financial Plan with a long-term picture and plan to minimize taxes, protect valuable assets, & help to ensure you are on track for your desired life.
  6. Knowing you have a plan results in Less Stress, and more focus, which means more time to focus on your business, and live the life you want.
Most financial plans incorporate only the personal side. Your business is a vital part of your life. As an entrepreneur, you likely understand the efficiencies of making sure both aspects of your financial life are working in conjunction. This is why I believe you need to review all income, investment and tax implications from both a corporate and personal perspective.


Benefits Plans.  Too expensive, but necessary.
  • Employee retention is a critical factor to run a smooth business.  A solid benefits package has been proven to help keep and hire the right talent.
  • Traditional benefits packages are available, and offer a variety of benefits.
  • To better control your costs, and yet offer more flexibility, consider a Health Spending Account.
  • For more information, check out the link below.

Contact us to learn more about the perks of Benecaid's Health Spending Account

Quote of the Month:

"Your goal as an entrepreneur should be to use strategic planning  to achieve and sustain superior performance over time." - Dr. Sebora

As a business owner myself,  I understand planning is the cornerstone to knowing yourself and your business goals

Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA, CCS 

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