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 Venus Transits the Sun 2008

You do not want to miss this exteremly rare astronomical event. See Venus move across the side of the sun. Although, this   happened in 2004, it will not happen again until 2117! If clear, we will have a multitude of telescopes with solar filters to safely observe this event.


Warning: Never look directly at the sun with a telescope!


                                Tentative Schedule

           5:00 PM: Telescope Tours & Solar Observing (if clear)

           5:30 PM: Transit Preview  

           6:00 PM: Transit Begins - view inside or outside

                         If cloudy: view the Transit via webcast

           8:00 PM: Viewing from our longitude becomes difficult 

                        as the sun sets 

           8:15 PM: Transit viewing switches to webcast only


KOSC will be open regardless of weather conditions  


Viewing the Transit of Venus


To observe the transit of Venus directly you must protect your eyes at all times with proper solar filters. Come to KOSC to safely and properly observe this rare astronomical event.

The Importance of Transits
Venus Transit  June 5, 2012
Venus Transit June 5, 2012
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Summer Friday Public Programs

KOSC has an ambitious schedule this summer. Our Friday Night Public Programs have a variety of topics extending beyond our usual astronomical presentations. 

We are going 


See presentations on topics such as: Saturn, Physics of Music, Geology, Climate Change, and more! Click link below for our official schedule.