March 15, 2019
Basic training buddies reconnect at the Help Desk
Scott Sloss , Army veteran and student volunteer, was able to help a fellow veteran that he had been in basic training with over 20 years ago. "Having the opportunity to talk about our past memories creates a special bond among our veteran community," said Scott.

The Serving Veterans Help Desk recently expanded to twice monthly. This allows us to reach more vulnerable clients in the veterans community. Click here to volunteer at the Veterans Help Desk.
Scott Sloss and client reunite after 20 years
Client in need of help
Please help this client create a simple will so that she can make sure her son is taken care of if something happens to her. I can help!

Case eligibility: Client's only source of income is Social Security disability.

VLB added value: Client is organized and motivated to get her affairs in order. 
Volunteers needed
We still have a few spots open at our Help Desks for the last two weeks of March. Click here to sign-up for a Civil, Domestic Relations, or Veterans Help Desk today.
Scott Harwell helping a client
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Keith Violante at the Civil Help Desk

Abby van Alstyne (Quinn Connor) 
Priscilla Kelley   
Preston Martin (Bressler)
Patrick Strong (Balch)  
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)  
Keith Violante (Wettermark Keith)
Sarah Yates (Bressler)
Amy Glenos speaking with her client at the Homeless Help Desk

Amy Glenos (Ogletree Deakins)
Amber Whillock (Starnes)
(L-R) Anne Seibel, Dawn Sharff, Christi Lunsford, and Carleta Hawley

Carleta Hawley (Encompass)
Christi Lunsford (Encompass)
Anne Seibel (Bradley)
Dawn Sharff (Bradley)
Cynthianther May helping her client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Victoria Charles (Shunnarah)  
Thomas Elmes  
Scott Harwell   
Melinda Guillaume   
Priscilla Kelley
Preston Martin (Bressler)
Cynthianther May   
Susan McAlister   
John Milledge
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
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