This multi-part event will feature a series of 4 webinars, culminating in a 3-day 
workshop in Juneau, Alaska. 

Are you a restoration practitioner, tribal group, or agency official interested in 
building partnerships in Southeast Alaska? This workshop is for you! 
Workshop will feature presentations, panel discussions, and networking activities.
Events will focus on:
With an influx of money, new staff, and new partnerships into the region, there is the opportunity to do a lot of good work. But a good restoration practitioner knows that the “devil is in the details.” The goal of this thematic area is to help new practitioners (new tribal work crew/forest partnerships, new agency staff, and new NGO’s) learn how to prioritize and carry out their work and let those with experience showcase their work and share a few secret tips.
Decades of timber management in our region have left hundreds of thousands of acres of forest in a young-growth, even-aged, and biologically simplified condition. Understanding and altering these conditions sets the stage for recovery of lost ecological functions and values.
Climate change is accelerating and has the potential to affect the success of restoration efforts - at both local and regional scales. The goal of this session is to discuss how the changing climate is/should/could affect restoration actions, what data and tools currently exist to support decision-making, and what more is needed to conduct climate-smart restoration in SEAK.
Engaging engineering groups with partnering resource stewardship, infrastructure, and resiliency. 
Goals of the workshop are:
Connect Practitioners
Connect tribal, community, and agency practitioners involved in watershed stewardship, restoration, and co-stewardship.
Build Workforce Capacity
Build the capacity of community and tribal groups, particularly new tribally run Forest Partnerships and community-led watershed efforts.
Apply Science
Encourage collaboration between the climate & aquatic resource scientists, silviculture, and restoration practitioners. 
Continue Action
Create new venues, programs, and connections that will result in continued action. 
Webinars begin weekly Thursday, February 9th through March 2nd.
Tue, Mar 7, 2023 8:30 AM AKST
Southeast Alaska Watershed Workshop: Collaboration for the Future
Alaska State Museum, Juneau
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We look forward to seeing you there!