Presented by the Perkins Conroy Speakers Series (Online)
A Community Conversation: Discussing Race and Racism
In partnership with The First Church of Christ, Unitarian (Lancaster) 
JANUARY 26 (2021) | 6 - 8 PM (an online event)

Join us online for a moderated discussion between local leaders.

This forum is meant to create a safe and welcoming environment for conversation, to elevate voices of Black and Brown people, to understand White privilege, to share insights and language for engaging in productive conversations about structural racism, and to open a local dialogue.

We recognize that this conversation is difficult for people in various ways. We invite anybody from anywhere or any background to attend. We hope this conversation will attract people interested in exploring these topics further, no matter what perspective they may have. 

We're taking questions in advance from the public and those who plan to attend our event. Have a question that you want to ask our panel or a panelist? You can submit a question on your registration form or to submit an anonymous question, fill out this form.

An email with the event link will be sent to you a few
weeks prior to the event in a reminder email.
The Discussion
Sedruola Maruska
Lancaster resident and First Church parishioner
Wil Darcangelo
Minister, First Church of Christ Unitarian and First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Fitchburg
Juliette M. Willoughby Esq., MSW.
International Speaker and Author, Lancaster Resident
Lieutenant Everett Moody
Lancaster Police
Joe Howell
Residential Program Director, Perkins
Laura Friend
Principal, Luther Burbank Middle School
Michael W. Ames
President and CEO
Perkins and RFK Children’s Action Corps
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