May 24, 2019
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
Memorial Day
The church office, campus and preschool are all closed on Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day. Imagine That! Summer Camp begins June 3, 2019. Read about class offerings and fees for this summer camp that PVUMC hosts every June and July for preschoolers through elementary-age students.
Message from the Pastor
Dear Friend in Faith,

Living out our faith in the workplace is such an interesting challenge. Some of us do this by always trying to do our work with integrity, living the highest principles, making it clear that our values of faith inform our decisions and approach to work. I know folks who will display symbols of their faith around their workspace, to make a witness of what is important to them. Sometimes we find ways in our conversations around work to make it clear we go to church, that following Jesus, loving God and being part of a spiritual community are essential parts of who we are. In these past weeks of our worship series, “Don’t Waste Your Work,” we talked about how we were created by God to work and that God, in fact, calls each one of us to a vocation. I believe that God wants our lives and our work to reflect God’s concern for creation and the common good. God has given us a beautiful world in which to reside, work, play, and love. God wants us to care for creation and through our work to help renew and honor what God has provided in our lives.

The ministry of Jesus commences with John the Baptism and his preaching out in the wilderness...

Pledge Your Support to PVUMC TODAY
The clock is ticking... If you have not yet pledged your support to the church for 2019-2020, please make your commitment this Sunday to give your time, talent and treasure to Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. We're counting on YOU to be God's love in action. Our ministry teams are budgeting for next year NOW and need your support to grow and thrive. You're invited to pledge online or mail us your pledge card. Read why the Davidsons pledge their support to PVUMC. Read More
Sunday Worship at PVUMC
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church (PVUMC) invites you to worship at 8, 9:30 or 11 am. The Ignite Modern worship service is bulletin-free, but you can download bulletins for the two traditional services as well as the Looking Ahead bulletin insert OR read them on our website. This is the last Sunday to worship at 8 am before we begin our Summer Worship Schedule of just TWO services each week in June, July and August.

Check our Calendar Online
See the website calendar at for all our children's, youth and adult activities, during the week and all year long. The Looking Ahead bulletin insert also includes a weekly calendar.

Prayer Requests
 Submit prayer requests using our online request form, email or call the church office at 602.840.8360. Your request will be shared with our prayer warriors on email.
Celebrate Father's Day with a Beer (Root Beer, that is!)
Calling all dads to bring their families to church Sunday, June 16 for Father's Day. Chris LaMont, professor at ASU's Film School and our volunteer tech guy at the Ignite service, will be preaching at Ignite AND at the 9:30 am service. We'll have root beer for all the men, a little like we had flowers for all the women on Mother's Day. The topic of the day is Superheroes! Who doesn't love that? Join us on Sunday, June 16.   
June Worship Series: God and Film
Pastor Christopher preaches part 1 of the new worship series for June: God on Film. The film genre for that day is romantic comedies. You know, films like The Proposal or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. What do those movies have in common with the Bible? Think about the story of Samson and Delilah (spoiler alert: there's no happy ending for them) or Ruth and Boaz -- young widow, older man...

Rev. Brenda Smith caps off the series with a look at movies about the end times, like Armageddon , and the book of Revelation. Watch the trailer and maybe you'll see how movies can mirror scripture.

Church Council Votes on June 4
Members and constituents were invited to a presentation and discussion last week where they were asked how they felt about the church joining the Reconciling Ministries Network as a way to respond to the UMC's Traditional Plan. If you were unable to attend the meeting, which also included some history about our path toward greater inclusion since 2017, you can listen to the recording on our website and/or download the slide deck. A video will be available soon. We want to hear from you. Please email one of the church council leaders or Pastor Dave if you have questions or comments to share.

Summer Sundays at PVUMC
Summer is almost here! May 26 is a Family Sunday, when all children over 5 are encouraged to worship with their families in lieu of classes. The next week, June 2, we begin our summer schedule with TWO worship services at 9:30 and 11 am. The 8 am service will return September 1. Read more on our website.

June 2 is also Promotion Sunday and the start of our Sunday Summer Classes. We have some wonderful volunteers who have stepped up to lead, but could use more assistance. If you can help, email Rev. Brenda Smith. Safe Sanctuary and other training provided.

VBC and Sportball: Register NOW
You're invited volunteer at and register for "To Mars and Beyond," PVUMC's Vacation Bible Camp this summer. Read more and register at . We are excited to offer a half-day week-long VBC program as well as an afternoon sports camp. Registration for both camps are separate, but online, with links at .

If you can volunteer for VBC, July 15-19, 2019 , GREAT! You'll save on fees for your child's registration and be more involved in what your child is learning. Both adults and teens 7th grade and older are encouraged to register online TODAY to help.

Thank you for being God's love in action!

To register for summer camp at Mingus Mountain, visit .

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Serendipities Gift Shop Donates Proceeds to Missions
It's that time of year: Graduations, birthdays, Father's Day... Serendipities, the church gift shop, has unique cards and gifts for everyone on your list. Stop by Sundays, 9-11 am, and discover hidden treasures. All proceeds support local missions. In fact, the gift shop donated more than $18K to missions this year. If you're a crafter, artist, photographer or author and would like to donate your wares to support the gift shop's missions, email the Gift Shop manager and donate items by September.

NOTE: Childcare is availa ble with a 48-hour reservation for all our campus events.
Call 602.840.8360, ext 134.