We will begin the evening with a Keynote Chat with Angela Santiago of The Little Potato Company. Angela co-founded The Little Potato Company Ltd. 22 years ago with her father, Jacob Vander Schaaf, a Dutch immigrant who longed for the tasty ‘little potatoes’ of his youth. Angela lives in the area with her family and is a University of Alberta graduate.

Angela and her team at The Little Potato Company strive to find more efficient and sustainable ways to grow and package their potatoes, so they can be enjoyed by more people for less. Angela is always looking to innovate, from the packaging to the breeding. Her quest for new potato discoveries takes to regions of the world where potato roots run deep, with breeding programs in South America, Europe and Canada. The results are found in unique and proprietary varieties of Creamers in an array of colors, flavors and shapes to delight and nourish potato lovers.