Young Adults Drinks at Pilsner Inn
(TONIGHT!) Friday, February 28 at 9:00 pm
Pilsner Inn: 225 Church St., San Francisco, CA 94114*
Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey and came to the sushi dinner! We're gearing up for a year of regular programming for you - from you. To kick things off - we'll head to Pilsner (no last minute changes this time) and look forward to winding down from the week and into Shabbat together. *Please let us know if you have concerns about getting there or need transportation support. For more information, please contact . Suggested age group 22-37.
Every first Monday of the month for five months beginning in February:
March 2, April 6, May 4 and June 1
7:00-9:00 pm
Facilitated by Ora Prochovnik and Rose Katz
This group will explore issues that arise for people who are considering, are in the process of, or have recently completed, converting to Judaism. Those with a Jewish parent (or parents), but raised with little or no Jewish experience and are interested in exploring their connection to Judaism are also welcome to attend. Topics will include questions of identity, community, and family. This group is not an introduction to Judaism course, but rather a place to ask questions and discuss issues with others who are also on this journey. There is no charge for this group, however, pre-registration is required . For information, or to register, please contact Rose Katz at 415-567-3327 ext. 706 ( ).
Sunday, March 1 at 4:00 pm
Randall Weiss, violin
Patricia Whaley, viola
Victoria Ehrlich, cello

String Trio – Gideon Klein
Tanec (Dance) – Hans Krasa
Passacaglia and Fugue – Hans Krasa
Duo for Violin and Viola – Laszlo Weiner
Serenade for String Trio – Ernst von Dohnanyi

Long-time member Randall Weiss and The Bridge Players present the 20th season of Music in the Mishkan on Sundays... mark your calendars! March 1 “Czech It Out”, April 26 “If the Schumann Fits…” All concerts begin at 4:00 p.m., followed by a wine and cheese reception. Don't miss these beautiful concerts in our lovely sanctuary! Reserve Tickets .

This Sunday, March 1 Music in the Mishkan is dedicated to the memory of Sam Haber z”l, father of Sara Haber. May his memory be for a blessing.
 A Holocaust Without Bullets: Italian Fascism and the Jews
Friday, March 6
6:00-7:15 pm
In honor of Shabbat Zachor/Shabbat of Memory Francesco Spagnolo curator of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life will share his expertise in the multicultural history of the Jews in Italy, with a focus on Italian Fascism.
Gender Schmear
Purim Celebration
Saturday, March 7
@ Oasis Nightclub

With a performance by the
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Sunday, March 8 at 4:00 pm
Sha’ar Zahav: 290 Dolores Street
San Francisco Choral Artists (SFCA), in collaboration with the acclaimed Klezmer trio Veretski Pass, apply their trademark imaginative and diverse programming to Jewish music of many styles and periods in Joyful Voices, Stomping Feet: Song and Dance in the Jewish Tradition. Tickets available at the door; or online in advance from For information: (415) 494-8149.
Monday, March 9
5:30-9:00 pm
Purim is our wacky, silly, inappropriate, irreverent, topsy-turvy holiday coming up on the evening of March 9. Are you into performance? Theater? Comedy? Want to be part of making the holiday come to life? If so, we hope you'll join us! We are also looking for Hamentashen makers to bake with our children -- if you're interested, please contact Sue Bojdak at .

5:30-6:30pm Play and Prep for Kids & Families & more
  • Baking Hamantaschen
  • Mask Maker Adventure
  • Dress Up & Make Up
  • Magic & Juggling
6:00-6:30pm Dinner
6:30-6:50ish Puppet Purim Shpiel
7:00-7:45ish Purim Service & Megillah Reading 
8:00-9:00 Bingo & Booze led by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! 
YOU can influence Israeli Politics!
Vote in the WZO Elections Until March 11
World Zionist Organization elections are held every 5 years - this is our chance as American Jews to make our voices heard. The successful delegates decide the fate of $5 billion that funds programs in Israel and around the world. The Reform Movement slate, in coalition with the Reconstructionists, supports a two-state solution, recognition of non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel, works against racism and discrimination, and opposes the funding of West Bank settlements. Any SZ member who wishes to vote but doesn’t wish to pay the full $7.50 fee can email . To vote, visit   
Glimpses of Persian Jewish Life
Thursday, March 12 at 7:00 pm
Jewish Community Library: 1835 Ellis St. SF 94115
Presented by Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh and Ron Lezell (long-time member of Sha'ar Zahav). Free program & free parking.

This evening will feature two unique perspectives on the richness of Persian Jewish religious life. Rabbi Rabizadeh (a Jewish Emergent Network Rabbinic Fellow at the Kitchen in San Francisco) will reflect on the religious life of Persian Jews and discuss the community's distinctive practices.

Ron Lezell will present photos, video footage, and stories from the three trips he has made to the Jewish communities in Iran since 2014, including the Rabizadeh Synagogue in Shiraz, one of the synagogues central to Rabbi Rabizadeh's family.

This will be an evening to learn about the traditions of this ancient community, as practiced today in Iran and in the Persian diaspora.

If you cant make it - come hear him drash on Friday, March 6 at 7:30 pm
Fire and Water, Zoroastrianism and Judaism - A drash by longtime member, Ron Lezell, about Torah and its connection to aspects of his experiences in Iran.
Hineni – We are here! Caring for each other in Jewish Community
Friday, March 13
6:00-7:10 PM
Hineni – I am here – the Biblical response when God calls – is also our best response when others need us. This class is an introduction to caring for each other in Jewish tradition: What does our tradition say about visiting the sick and comforting the bereaved, about suffering and what we can do to alleviate the sufferings of others? What do you say – or not say! – when someone has experienced a tragedy, illness or loss? What do you bake? Rabbi Copeland will talk and share texts about how we can be present for people – hineni! – when they need it most. And we’ll sample some casseroles and other dishes that are perfect for soothing weary souls.This is the first in an ongoing series; we’ll discuss possible topics for future classes. As with all our events, please remember to arrive scent-free.
Help support our medical supply donation drive!
Through the month of March
Sha'ar Zahav is collaborating with a community clinic in the Mission called Clinica Martin Baro. In partnership with UCSF and SF State, Clinica provides free medical care to some of the most vulnerable in our community. It serves a primary mono-lingual Spanish speaking population. We will be collecting medical supplies for the clinic during March. There will be a bin (with a full list of potential items) in the lobby entrance. Examples of potential donations include over the counter medications (e.g. Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen), hygiene products (soaps, pads/tampons, toothbrushes), alcohol/disinfecting wipes, Nitrile gloves, gauze, and hand sanitizer. Please contact member Carolina Ornelas at with any questions or concerns.
Orientation: Sunday March 22, 9:30am-12:30pm
Class Sessions: Mondays, March 23-April 30 7:00-9:30pm
Applicants must be able to sound out words written in Hebrew with vowels.
The ideal candidates for this learning are side-ways thinkers from the fringes—L,G,B,T,Q,I folks, women, Yentl fans, language nerds, unicorns and beyond! Anyone, LGBTQI-identified or not, regardless of experience, who craves taking a deep dive into ancient Jewish queer-headed wisdom texts, in the original language, in an inclusive, immersive, and supportive learning environment need apply! For more information or questions contact Jhos Singer at or visit

Queer – unusual, different, curious, LGBTQI
-core – a counter-cultural perspective, a small group of people, at the center
Talmud – a compendium of ancient Jewish thought, law, culture, and spiritual insight
HIAS Refugee Shabbat Service
Friday, March 27
Dinner discussion with refugees/asylees, 6:00 pm. Service, 7:30 pm. Resources // Take Action
Ongoing Events
Our SZ Torah Mantles are on Exhibit
At the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM)!
Now through August 9
Contemporary Jewish Museum: 736 Mission St. 94103
Drawn from the holdings of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (UC Berkeley, curated by Francesco Spagnolo) this exhibition showcases a variety of textiles used by the San Francisco Jewish community during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The exhibit will run from Feb 13-Aug 9.
Saturday, February 29
9:00 am
Every Saturday except B'nei Mitzvah days
Join a lay-led weekly Talmud study group. No experience necessary. For information, contact Jackie Kaplan .
Fine Arts for Sha'ar Zahav Members
Drop-Ins Welcome 
Monday, March 2
10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Every Monday except holidays
Bring your art supplies, lunch and parallel play with other creative congregants.If you have any questions, please contact your Fine Art Committee hosts: Paisha:, Barb:, AJ:
Monday, March 2
  6:00 pm
Usually first Monday of the month. 
Everyone welcome! Bring your interests, curiosity, passions, questions.Together we can make a difference. Social Action group sends a warm Thank You for your generous donations of winter clothing for a newly arrived immigrant Honduran family and the Gubbio Project for the homeless. There is continual need for socks, blankets, and travel toiletries.Contact Leah: or Nancy:
Meditation Group (SF)
Saturday, March 7
10:30 am
First Saturday of every month
Everyone is welcome. Typical session includes a short and longer silent sit, with chanting, movement, and a short teaching. Contact Andy Schwartz for information.
Adult Orphan Friendship Circle
Wednesday, March 11
 6:30-8:00 pm
Second Wednesday of every month
Join us for a communal potluck dinner in the oneg room. Please bring a dish to share. Non-members welcome! For more information contact Paisha Rochlin or Marjorie Hilsenrad
Environmental Justice Group
Monday, March 16
6:30 pm
Generally meets the second Monday of every month
Join us as we find ways to protect Earth, from changing our personal habits to reducing our shul’s carbon footprint; from divesting from fossil fuels to supporting local, state, and federal policy changes that can truly make a difference. Come share your ideas and make friends while doing this urgent and sacred work. Contact Terry Fletcher,
Board Meeting (Va'ad)
Wednesday, March 18
6:30 pm Dinner, 7:00 pm Meeting
Third Wednesday of every month, open to all members
Our Board of Directors is responsible for expressing the voice of the community. If you’re curious about Sha'ar Zahav's behind the scenes work, come to a Board meeting! Contact .
Shabbes Beat with Cantor Bernstein
Friday, March 20
7:30 pm
Third Friday of the month
It’s all about that Shabbes groove! Sing, dance, and pray. Joy up, relax, breathe, sway! Join Cantor Sharon and the Shabbes Beat band and chorus at this monthly rock, jazz, Latin, and blues service and get your Shabbes rest on. For more information contact Cantor Bernstein .
Ritual Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 25
Contact . James Carlson will be stepping in to co-chair the Ritual Committee with Ron Edelman, who continues as co-chair. We look forward to Ron's and James's working with our Rabbi, Cantor, and the Ritual Committee in helping to set Sha'ar Zahav's ritual agenda and continuing to strengthen our clergy/lay partnership in service leading and other ritual activities.
Hiking Chavurah
Saturday, March 28
10:00 am
 Third Saturday of every month
Come see the city from a new perspective with other Sha’ar Zahav members. Then join us for lunch after we complete the days’ hike. Contact Karen Schiller and Ellen Murland for more information!
Hineni Caring Community
(formerly Bikkur Cholim)
Hineni ” is the biblical answer our ancestors gave when God called out to them: “I am present,” or “I am ready.”   Our Hineni Caring Community wants to do what we can to help our members, whether it’s outreach by our clergy or practical assistance from members of our community who can be present for them. Do you have a need or know someone who does? Or can you perform a mitzvah like running an errand, making a visit, offering a ride, or bringing food? Find out how you can help fellow Sha’ar Zahav members by signing up with our online community, or ask any questions about Hineni Caring Community, by contacting us at
A new, short-term emergency housing program. The Initiative matches congregants experiencing a housing crisis with members who can open their home and serve as a temporary host. If you or someone you know needs urgent housing or if you may be able to offer short-term housing, please contact .
A welcoming group focused on fostering Jewish identity in an inclusive social setting for gay, bi, queer, and trans men. Creating social spaces and service opportunities that foster meaningful connections and generate a positive impact in our community. Check out for upcoming events.
Scents and Sensibility Task-force
A group is helping to build a scent-free Sha’ar Zahav. For information contact Bob Gordon .
4 Adar

Friday Evening Service - February 28,
7:30 pm 
Led by : Rabbi Copeland and Andrew Berger
Drash : Eve Meyer

Flowers Sponsor(s) :
Nancy Wecker & Lisa Wuennenberg
In celebration of the wedding of
Enard Reyes & Gissela Flores

Oneg Sponsor(s) : Howard Hahn
In memory of my mother (and SZ member) Helga Hahn

Oneg Volunteer(s) : Shawn Rosenmoss, Roseanne Gould, Torey & Yuval Gnessin
Greeter(s) : AJ Turpen-Fried

Saturday Morning Service - February 29, 10:00 am
Led by : Ron Edelman
11 Adar

Friday Evening Service - March 6,
7:30 pm 
Led by : Rabbi Copeland & Cantor Bernstein
Drash : Ron Lezell

Flowers Sponsor(s) : Marius Greenspan
In memory of my mother, Evelyn Greenspan

Oneg Sponsor(s) : James Carlson
In memory of my father, Ray Carlson

Saturday Morning Service - February 29, 10:00 am
Led by : Alan Gordon
Contact to sponsor an oneg, kiddush, or flowers
Community Events
The Monster Defeated: Rally and Community Celebration
Thursday, March 5 at 5:00 pm
Location: 16th Street BART Plaza
Join other members of our community as they celebrare a victory. After a six-year battle against a major developer of "the Monster in the Mission" -- luxury condos at the expense of lower-income families and residents of the Mission. The community has been working very hard to defeat this development and replace it with "the Marvel in the Mission" -- a family-oriented development that is truly affordable for current residents now threatened with displacement by gentrification. Now that the "Monster" has been defeated, this event will celebrate this major victory and discuss the plans now well underway for the "Marvel" we want in its place.
The Institute for Jewish Spirituality is excited to offer a limited number of full scholarships to attend a Jewish mindfulness retreat on
Wednesday-Sunday, March 18-22
Brandeis-Bardin campus of American Jewish University, in Simi Valley CA
These scholarships are provided through the generosity of the Nathan Cummings Foundation in support of the Rabbi Rachel Cowan Scholarship Fund for those with financial need, leadership potential, and who
·     Identify as a Jew of Color
·     Identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual
·     Identify as queer, transgender, or nonbinary
·     Are engaged in social justice activism
·     Between the ages of 18 - 35
·     Come from a Jewish population that has been historically marginalized
Interested applicants should apply by Monday, February 24 , at: (access code: RCSF5780). Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
This retreat is open to all -- beginners as well as those with established mindfulness practices -- and will feature mindfulness meditation, contemplative prayer, yoga and embodied practice, reflective text study, singing, and small group practice, as well as a contemplative Shabbat. Please contact Rabbi Marc Margolius ( ) with questions about the retreat or the scholarship application.
Monte Toyon Resort, 220 Cloister Lane, Aptos, CA 95003
Expecting couples and individuals, treat yourselves to an all-inclusive, two-night weekend retreat where age-old Jewish wisdom meets mindfulness exercises, meditative breathing, nature walks and more. Admission/Couple: $550.00 Admission/Individual: $375.00. For more information, contact Tamara Prizant at or call (650) 223-8692. 
March 22 & 29; 9:00 am-4:00 pm (both sessions must be attended)
Jewish Family and Children’s Services: 2150 Post St. SF 94115
Seniors at Home, a division of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, provides support to older adults and people of all ages who have serious or chronic illness, or are at the end of their lives. Our Palliative Care Service helps people remain in their homes as long as possible and provides them with the information, care, and services that they need. Our community of specially trained Palliative Care Volunteers are a key part of these services, playing a vital role in the lives of JFCS’ Seniors At Home clients and their families. Cost: $180. Full scholarships are readily available. Click here for more information or to apply. Questions? Contact Rabbi Daniel Isaacson at .
Bend the Arc’s national conference will bring together progressive activists and organizers who root their work in Jewish values for three days of learning, connection, and solidarity in Washington DC. Deepen your understanding, expand your skills, prepare for 2020, and seed a vision for the future. Register.
From HamaQom The Place
Do I have to belong to a synagogue to be buried in a Jewish cemetery? How does tahara apply to trans people? What is the etiquette surrounding shiva? What if I can’t afford a burial? Is it okay for Jews to be cremated? If I have tattoos, can I have a Jewish burial? What do I say to someone in mourning? Join us for a series of discussions about the challenging issues surrounding death and dying. Participants can register for any class at any location, and can pick and choose any number of sessions. Sessions are $10 each and run from Feb-Jun 2020. Registration is open until the day before the session. Questions? Please call 510.845.6420 or email us at
Happy Birthday!
Elizabeth Priest 2/24
Alex Ingersoll 2/25
Paul Peninger 2/25
Ethan Frazin 2/26
Neil Jacob Rosenbaum 2/27
Benjamin Rainero-de Haan 2/27
Steven Gaynes 2/28
Danny Kodmur 2/28
Julie Dorf 2/28
Arthur Slepian 3/1
Jo Ellen Kaiser 3/1
Noah Friedman 3/2
Edward Leddy 3/3
Michael Rice 3/3
Howard Herman 3/3
Robin Cohn 3/3
Thomas Miller 3/4
Nancy Wecker 3/5
Smadar Lavie 3/5
Stephanie Godt 3/5
Samantha Hymanson 3/5
Chava Novogrodsky-Godt 3/5
Robert Heller 3/6
Kevin Stein 3/6
Miriam Meier 3/6
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