This Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost, the day we have historically referred to as the birth of the Church. This seems particularly appropriate this year. After all, the Church is, before our very eyes, being reborn. As more vaccinations are being administered, numbers continue to decrease in the U.S. and safety protocols are being lifted, we are seeing people return to worship, in person. In fact, as I look out into the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, I’m seeing just as many familiar faces as unfamiliar ones.
Anytime people come out of crisis, we always seek to find the new normal. This means change for many, including where and how we practice our faith. This was evident in the Intro to SSCC luncheon last Sunday, at which we had 10 visitors. The way we do ministry is changing, as is the face of Sandy Springs Christian Church.
I suspect, as we continue to emerge from this time, we will see more and more new faces. It will be important that we live that same SSCC spirit of hospitality we have been living the last several years. Obviously, this will become easier as safety protocols loosen in conjunction with CDC guidelines.
To this end, the Welcome Back Team, Leadership Council and Elders are meeting this Tuesday night to build consensus on a plan for moving forward. Given the changes in our world, we will be putting a plan together to likely change safety protocols within the life of our church. Every step of the way, we have done our best to try to keep people as safe as possible, while honoring the ever-evolving circumstances in the world.
At this point, however, the safety protocols for in-person activities at the church have not yet changed, which includes those we have in place for worship. For the time being, we still ask that you wear a mask and social distance on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary. We will communicate our finalized plan soon, so that you know what to expect at SSCC in the near future.
We thank you, so much, for your ongoing patience. We have done remarkably well, as a congregation, keeping one another safe, while also being able to meet in person. We want to end this time in that same spirit.
As I look back over the course of this last year, I am amazed at how we have come through it, Sandy Springs Christian Church. I am truly humbled and grateful to be your pastor. Blessings to each of you and I hope to see many of you Sunday to celebrate the birth of the Church and re-birth of Sandy Springs Christian Church!
We tend to refer to Pentecost as the birth of the church. This year, it seems more appropriate than ever before, as we are literally watching the Church reborn before our very eyes. Although, this isn’t the first time. The Church has been reborn in many different ways throughout history. In fact, if God, as scripture tells us, is always doing something new, then we might say the Church is being reborn every day. What role might we take in helping the Church be reborn today?

May 23, 2021
Everyday Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21 NRSV
Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Brown
To view the service this Sunday on our YouTube page, click here.
To view the scripture for this Sunday, click here.
If I were to ask you to use words to describe yourself, I’m sure for many of us, the word “Christian” would undoubtedly come up...but what does that calling mean in our lives? Does it mean anything at all if we’re not following Jesus? Let’s explore what it means to really take up our cross and walk the road with Christ
in a world that so desperately needs it.

May 30, 2021
If We Call Ourselves Christians...
Romans 12:9-21 NRSV
Bryant Gibson
Obviously, one of the things we have missed most the last year has been singing our songs of faith together in worship. Finally, we are singing hymns again in person! In order to celebrate this gift of practicing our faith, Nathan is going to preach a sermon series this summer on the gift of song. He and the staff would like to incorporate many of your favorite hymns and the stories behind them in worship during that season. Please take a moment to click on the button below and share your favorite hymns. If you are willing, please also share stories or reasons for which you enjoy them. Look to the newsletter for more information about this upcoming series!
Women’s Choir is about to start rehearsing! Our first practice will be on Wednesday, June 2nd from 6:00 – 6:30 p.m. or if you cannot make Wednesday, you can come on Sunday, June 6th
from 9:15 – 9:45 a.m. As in the past, we will give you opportunities to come either on Wednesday or Sunday mornings as your schedule allows, and then we put it together the day of the performance! This particular time back together is bittersweet, as we will miss Joyce terribly, but also such a joyful occasion to be able to sing again!!!! We are celebrating by doing a fun and uplifting medley from Sister Act! Please join us for some musical time together! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Susan Wallace.
Dear Nathan and the Leadership Team,

Thank you for the lovely Chalice and Plate. I'm including the picture in case some of you have not seen how beautiful your gift was. You could not have chosen a gift I would cherish more. Every time I look at it, I will think of you and my time as your Director of Congregational Care. It was an honor to serve during these challenging times.

Thank you also once again for the monetary gift. Wayne and I enjoyed the restaurant gift cards after we received our vaccines.

Love, Merilyn Dimmitt
We hope you have been enjoying the video with pictures and music that we have been playing before our Sunday worship (big thank you to Teddy Ivey who puts it all together).

In order to keep things fresh, Teddy is asking that you send him photos that might work that could be inserted in between some of the slides. They can be of your family, photos from SSCC events or any images that you might want to share with your church family.

Please send them via email to: Teddy@sandyspringscc.org. Thank you!
For the past thirteen months, many of us have stayed away from our places of worship to keep ourselves and our faith communities safe.

How have new church leaders responded? By spreading the word about Disciples through DoorDash, meeting with folks struggling with anxiety on Zoom, and addressing returning citizens’ needs.

Chaplains, pastors, and others have answered the call to be the new church. To support them, contribute to the Pentecost Offering this Sunday. Half of the gifts go to regions to support new church development. The other half goes to New Church Ministry, which trains, equips, assists, and multiplies new church leaders.
Let’s all be the new church, together.
This beautiful necklace was found in Dunlap Hall last week near the entrance to the kitchen. Please call the church office if it is yours.
Just an update from Judy Edwards. She is doing well and wanted everyone to know her new address is 1119 Pick Pocket Plantation Drive, Beaufort, SC 29902. Feel free to drop her a note or give her a call at (843) 929-6949. If you ever visit Fripp Island or Hilton Head, she says she's on the way, so drop in and see her!
In observance of Memorial Day, the church office will be closed Monday, May 31st.
SSCC Members should have received a reminder email invitation on Monday to sign up for our new Church Member software called Breeze. Please remember to sign up, log in and verify your profile information in the system. It's a great new way to keep up with your SSCC Family! More exciting updates to come soon!
Join John Mills and the Pathfinders for Zoom discussions every Monday evening from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. You can CLICK HERE to join the video call each week, or you can call in 929-205-6099 and enter Meeting ID: 985 6868. The passcode is 831869. For more information please contact John Mills.
Steve DeVinney, son-in-law of Carolyn Dishman, is having serious complications related to his cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please pray for our members and their families who serve as first responders and health care workers: Dr. Tim Helton, Katie Gibson, Tracey McCluskey, Dr. Vijay Rathinam, Robyn Hicks and Pete French. Also those serving in the military: Michelle Brown (Navy), daughter of Cindy and Pete Brown. Tyler Brown (Army), son of Tami and Stephen Brown. Jared Mills (Army), son/stepson of John and Floy Mills. Rachel Robeck (Navy), daughter of John and Mary Robeck. Jamie Price Smith (Air Force) and Dalton Brown (Army) granddaughter and grandson of Barb Duren and Chaplain Kevin Mooney (Navy), Linda Whitmire's granddaughter, Hayleigh Whitmire (Army) and Kathy Woodworth's step grandson Parker Mansel (Marines). If we are missing someone, please let us know so that we can include their name in our weekly prayers.

If you have any prayer requests or would like to reach out to Teddy Ivey, our Director of Congregational Care, please email him at Teddy@sandyspringscc.org.

You can join SSCC by a simple affirmation of faith! If you are attending virtually, just let us know you would like to join!
Please CLICK HERE for updated information from the CAC regarding:
  • CAC Thrift Shop Expanded Hours/Volunteers Needed
  • Golf Tourney to Support Construction of New CAC Office
  • Fulton County Honors Tamara Carrera
  • Helping Families Facing Eviction

FOOD INSECURITY: If you or someone you know in our church community is facing food insecurity because of a decrease or loss in income, please privately contact Jenna Hicks so that we can provide assistance to keep their pantry full. Email jennakhicks@gmail.com or call 404-441-1668. 

MUST MINISTRIES: If you would like to donate and drop off items at Must Ministries please CLICK HERE to access a flyer that outlines the most needed items. Monetary donations are very much needed and can be done so online via their website, or send a check in the mail to MUST Ministries, P.O. Box 1717, Marietta, GA 30061.If you have questions please contact Cathy Cortright at cortright13@gmail.com.
Anslie Worley May 21
Owen Janeway May 22
Ruth Michels May 23
Derek Harple May 24
Susan McCluskey May 25
Maisie Worley May 26
Delane Bickelhaupt May 27
Michelle Brown Kahn May 30
Josie Worley May 31