Shackleton’s Quest
at South Georgia
Tuesday 29 March at 6 - 7pm (UK time)
You are invited to join us for a free online zoom event featuring a presentation by Jan Chojecki about Shackleton’s Quest Expedition at South Georgia.
Tuesday 29 March 2022 from 6-7 pm (UK Time).
This year we are marking the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s final journey to South Georgia, and his death and burial at Grytviken in 1922.
This talk explores the South Georgia achievements of the Quest Expedition and will include time for a Q&A.
Sir Ernest Shackleton and John Quiller Rowett (grandfather of our presenter Jan Chojecki) on board Quest in London. Image courtesy of Rowett-Chojecki Family Collection
Quest approaches South Georgia
Image ©SPRI
Dr Jan Chojecki
Dr Jan Chojecki is the grandson of John Quiller Rowett, the philanthropist who financed the Shackleton-Rowett (Quest) Expedition of 1921-22.
His talk will feature rarely seen photographs from the Quest Expedition, including some of the earliest ever colour photographs of South Georgia.
Jan will explore the circumstances and events of the expedition that occurred on South Georgia. He will tell us some of the lesser-known stories of the Quest Expedition, including the activities of the scientific advance party to the island, and their achievements over the course of the expedition.
After the presentation South Georgia Museum Curator Jayne Pierce will engage with Jan about the Quest Expedition at South Georgia and we will also welcome questions from the audience.
Jayne Pierce, South Georgia Museum Curator
We do hope you will join us for this opportunity to learn more about the South Georgia achievements of the Quest Expedition at this free online event.
Tuesday 29 March 2022 from 6-7 pm (UK Time).
Quest in King Edward Cove. Creative Commons – SLNSW
In this centenary year Jan has been chronicling the expedition using an archive of material handed down through his family. It includes letters, telegrams and photographs, many of which have never been shared publicly before, and which complement and provide fresh insight on public archive material.
In 2022 Jan will publish a book about the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition.

Visit the Quest Chronicles site:

You can read more about the Quest Expedition in the South Georgia Museum online exhibition on the museum website:

Prince Olav Harbour. Image courtesy of Rowett-Chojecki Family Collection
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